Engagement Rings

Rose Gold Engagement Ring Inspiration

February 27, 2017

I’m absolutely loving anything rose gold at the moment. Yesterday I bought some rose gold earrings and realise it’s going to be the start of a new obsession. The trend of the yellow gold, silver and platinum have come and gone and I believe now it’s the time for rose gold engagement ring trend to emerge.  Continue Reading

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Punjabi Sikh bride weds Mauritian Hindu groom

February 16, 2017
Sikh bride weds Mauritian Hindu groom

2017 continues to see the popularity of Asian couples having civil ceremonies instead of or alongside their respective religious ceremonies. Primarily for multicultural couples, some opt to keep religion out of it completely while others choose to incorporate a few traditions. Two people marrying from different faiths can make wedding planning difficult in trying to maintain all religious wedding traditions so civil ceremonies is the winning choice. This then allows the couple to have a cultural wedding reception, just like Indie and Rav did. Continue Reading

Indian Styled Shoots

An Indian Fusion Styled Shoot

February 8, 2017
An Indian Fusion Styled Shoot

Today I have an Indian Fusion Styled Shoot on the blog put together to showcase the elegance of a traditional Hindu wedding. The selected theme was traditional vintage romance and to show the world that we have a talented group of creative partners that can make this happen in the Southwest which is a perfect destination for a Hindu wedding. Continue Reading

Chinese Wedding

The Chinese Tea Ceremony Explained

January 26, 2017
English Chinese Woodland themed wedding

For many of those who know of the Chinese tea ceremony but not sure why it happens or how, I thought I’d share all the details. It’s such a beautiful and vital part of a Chinese wedding. The ceremony is a symbolic way of presenting the bride to the groom’s family, and for the couple to express gratitude to their elders. The couple typically wears embroidered silk outfits in the colour red for luck and prosperity. This is subject to the couple who may choose to wear something else instead. Continue Reading

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A Serbian Indian-Lebanese wedding

January 23, 2017
A Serbian Indian-Lebanese wedding

Kristina and Ahmad first met through mutual in Chicago, where they are from. Kristina’s family is Serbian and their religious views are Christian Orthodox. Ahmad’s family is half Indian and half Lebanese and religious views are Muslim. However the bride and groom are non-religious, but are spiritual instead. Now to hand over to Kristina. Continue Reading

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A Nepali German Christian wedding

January 16, 2017
A Nepali German Christian wedding

I’m really excited to share Soniya and Marcel’s wedding on the blog especially after I featured their engagement shoot, which you can see here. Beautiful Soniya is a Hindu girl from Nepal who met, Christian, Marcel from Germany in his home country. She tells us about how they met and their proposal story on their engagement shoot post. Continue Reading