Hindu Christian Wedding in Napa

When I first laid eyes on this Hindu Christian wedding, I was absolutely blown away. It is one of the most gorgeous weddings I’ve ever seen. When you mention a multicultural wedding, this is the perfect example of how to do it right and ever so beautifully. It’s so thoughtful that they had cards explaining both Hindu and Christian ceremonies as this is so useful for all of their guests who may not have understood the traditions. Continue reading

Why I Defend Multicultural Marriages Against People Like This

I recently came across this article on Sikhsangat and was disgusted with the attitude of this person’s comment for so many reasons. I don’t tend to go on religious forums because I end up feeling very disappointed in people’s views. It’s such a shame because this is the typical narrow minded rubbish that I know people still think like. Reading it over again while I write this post. My toes are curling, I can feel a knot in my stomach. I almost want to cry because of this person’s ignorance.  Continue reading