How to tell your parents about your interfaith relationship

I often blog about multicultural weddings and their beauty of two cultures blending into one fusion wedding. It’s pleasing to see how couples choose to use their own traditions for their big day and it is useful for those planning their own wedding. To gain an insight of how other couples have completed this. This is the happy and exciting part of planning and leading up to your wedding.  Continue reading

Wedding Blog Awards at The Savoy

On Friday 10th October, I was lucky enough to attend the wedding blog awards held at the Savoy. Is it a bit weird that I’m blogging about the event without actually winning an award? Nicht! I went knowing that I wouldn’t win which is fine (I don’t want sympathy – my blog is slowly blossoming!), I was excited to be in a room full of wedding professionals and wedding bloggers who I aspire to. Continue reading

Gujarati Wedding with a Tea Ceremony

On November 27, 2013, Samantha & Rishi became husband and wife. These two are so cute and I love how Samantha has a massive smile on her face throughout her wedding day. They started the day at the W Hotel in Hollywood, where make up artist, Lulu, got Samantha ready for her big day. Her wedding lengha is so beautiful and it has put a spin on traditional wear by the combination of patterns with the blue fabric covered in polka dots. It’s refreshing to see a unique wedding dress that is memorable and stunning. The top half of the lengha matches her incredible dark mehndi (henna). It’s many bride’s dream to have dark henna for their wedding as this is when it looks its best. Some believe the darker the mendhi, the stronger the love between husband and wife. You know what some ancient beliefs are like though, I simply think it looks more beautiful when its dark. Continue reading

A Minimalistic Multicultural Wedding

When I first laid eyes on this wedding, I immediately knew that I wanted it on the blog. I just had to share it. I saw a beautiful minimalistic multicultural wedding that focused on the love between the couple. I knew there was a beautiful story behind these wedding photographs and I was pleased that Runa agreed to answer some questions and allowed me to share their story. Continue reading