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Free Wedding Website with Minted

March 10, 2017
Minted Free Wedding Website

After I finished university I landed in a web development role. I had such a love/hate relationship with building websites everyday. On the one hand I loved seeing the design come alive and workable on screen and on the other was the struggle with code. You leave one semi-colon out and nothing works!

Minted Free Wedding Website

Obviously me, being me, I was keen to do something in my spare time. It seems that I can’t just have a day job and do nothing in the evenings, so I created a wedding website for my friends. There was no pressure, I was doing it for myself but using them as my client. I loved weddings and I loved building websites around two people in love. The idea sparked, this was my future – the wedding website business! Turns out that wasn’t my fate but instead I have a blog where I can still combine my two loves in different ways.

Minted Free Wedding Website

Why a wedding website?

Why a wedding website? You may ask. There are a number of different reasons why people would want a wedding website. It’s quite a modern trend of having a website for your wedding but it certainly serves its purpose.

RSVP online
Who else actually RSVPs by post nowadays? A wedding website will allow your guests to easily RSVP online instead of buying a RSVP card or filling out the one you’ve included within your invitation. It’s environmentally friendly and so easy to do. Guaranteed most of your guests use a smartphone or have access to the internet so it’ll be a breeze for them. It means you’ll also be notified when one of your guests RSVPs and you’ll have an updated list of guests – make it quicker and easier to plan your wedding. As we all know a lot of people forget to RSVP!

Minted Free Wedding Website

Extra details and multiple events
Do you need to let your guests know about extra details such as parking or accommodation? What better way of being able to link to those websites making it super easy for your guests to plan their travel arrangements. Especially if you include an map – making it simpler for guests to be able to locate your wedding venue. This can also include useful information like taxi companies for those guests who want a tipple or two. Some fusion weddings include two ceremonies and many Asian weddings have more than one event which may require limited number of guests. It allows you to invite your closest to those specific events.

Minted Free Wedding Website

Personal touches
The day before writing this post, I received one of my bestie’s wedding invitation and immediately went to RSVP. On their website there was a lovely photograph of the couple from their engagement shoot, I almost teared up. My bestie of over 20 years is getting married and seeing her engagement photographs was so lovely. Couples also have the choice of adding extra details to their wedding website such as information about themselves that allows some of those guests (you might not know that well) get to know the couple and the bridal party.

Minted Free Wedding Website

Minted website perks

So here’s what’s included when you sign up for a free wedding website with Minted, and some premium features too:

  • Hundreds of unique wedding website designs
  • Matching printed wedding invitations available.
  • Each design is available in 3 layouts
  • Custom URL *
  • Gift registries
  • Photo gallery *
  • Change the design at any time
  • Maps & directions
  • Smartphone friendly
  • Customizable layouts
  • Wedding party
  • Website privacy *
  • Multiple event RSVPs
  • Guest accommodations
  • Matching wedding invitations

* Premium Features – Premium is $35

Minted Free Wedding Website

So tell me, are you thinking of having a wedding website for your big day? Let me know below.

Minted Free Wedding Website


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    This is a Brilliant post/idea Raj well done. I am a photographer based in London also a web designer by trade. Love your posts keep up the great work well done.

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