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12 Funny Wedding Photos

I love wedding photography, seeing two people in love and the gorgeous photography produced by their photographer. This post is slightly different, highlighting the funny side of photography. Warning – will contain cringeworthy and hilarious photos!

Funny wedding photo planking

Extreme planking and photobombing!

Source: reddit.com

wheres wally wedding photo

Where’s Wally?

Source: reddit.com

Funny wedding photos

Honk honk! Quick no-one will notice…

Source: stirlingimages.com

funny moustache wedding photo

This family all look familiar..?

Source: reddit.com

bride outdrinking groomsmen

Yes bride! Showing the men how it’s done!

Source: reddit.com

groom with a boner

Someone is VERY excited for the wedding night…

Source: reddit.com

funny drunk bride

“What do you think you’re doing? I don’t share…”

Source: reddit.com

strong bride

By the power of the bride!

Source: imgur.com

bride and bridesmaids

Nothing unusual here…

Source: ourwifelife.com/tag/hawaii-weddings/

youngest in the family

Being the youngest in the family has it’s disadvantages…

Source: collegehumor.com

supermen groomsmen

Meet the groomsmen’s ultra egos!

Source: hofferphotography.com

role reversal“Oh my God – that’s the ring?!”

Source: plumtreestudios.com

Leave your comments below and let me know which one is your favourite!

If you know the original source to some of the photographs, please let me know so I can credit the photographer!