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A Hindu wedding with multicultural backgrounds

December 8, 2016
A Hindu wedding with multicultural backgrounds

Kenny is an Englishman from Bournemouth and Gita was from London, from a Mauritian/Irish background. At the time of the wedding they had just bought their house together just outside the New Forest. Kenny was brought up in the Christian traditions, but it not a strict follower. Gita was brought up in Hindu and Catholic traditions and tends to follow Hinduism culturally and spiritually. Kenny was a friend of Gita’s brother who lived in the same apartment block in Bournemouth. She ran into Kenny some years ago when visiting her brother from London and that’s how they met. Continue Reading


The Gift Guide for Him

December 5, 2016
Original luxury personalised scarf

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! I’m currently watching Home Alone 2 as I write this post. It’s definitely my favourite Christmas movie and got me in the mood for thinking about Christmas presents. I always find that buying for guys is so much harder than buying for any of my female friends or family.  Which is why I put together this gift guide for him, choosing some of my favourite present ideas. Continue Reading

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A Fusion Christian Hindu wedding

November 28, 2016
A fusion Christian Hindu wedding

Starting the week, we have a wedding planned by Louise Perry Weddings who tells us all about planning Rohit and Alice’s big day. This wedding took place at the brides parents home, near Milton Keynes in a stunning marquee by their lake. Alice is Christian and Rohit is Hindu so they incorporated both faiths in the ceremony. Continue Reading

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T-shirts that will make you want to hit the gym

November 7, 2016
Eat. Sleep. Spin Gym vest

It was only until last year when I really fell in love with the gym. Luckily, one of the benefits of my job is that the company offer free gym memberships. My boss encourages his team to go the gym and keep fit. I now have a routine where I go to the gym 5 days a week on my lunch break. It’s my stress reliever, I feel so calm and collected when I return back to my desk. It also breaks up my day and allows me to have some form of exercise without cutting into my evenings. Continue Reading

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Why multicultural & interfaith marriages make me proud

October 24, 2016
An Italian Bangladeshi Multicultural wedding

When I meet up with old and new friends, we always discuss the blog. Obviously. Real life multicultural couples in fact. They always like to tell me about these couples and their stories. How they met – the nice part. Then the hard part of how they told their families about their partners. In every scenario, we all know each family is different. Their reactions are different. If they were scared of telling their dad about their partner (of a different faith or culture), it could be their mum’s reaction that surprises them the most.  Continue Reading