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By Uma J

May 8, 2017
Custom illustrations by Uma J

When I first saw one of Uma J’s illustrations on instagram, I immediately fell in love. It was this photo to be exact and obviously it resonated with me. It showed the beauty of two people from different cultures, a different race on their wedding day – a multicultural wedding. Since then I was obsessed on her unique designs and illustrations which is why I’m sharing her work on the blog today, as big fan. Continue Reading

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An American Hindu Fusion wedding

May 2, 2017
An American Hindu Fusion wedding

Carson and Vinisha are both from Washington DC. Carson (raised Catholic) grew up in Tacoma WA and Vinisha (Gujarati Hindu) grew up in Vadodara, India and Rochester Minnesota. They first met at the train station, when Carson asked her what she was reading, while waiting for the Metro Train in Washington DC. They began chatting and the rest is history.

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What to wear this wedding season

April 27, 2017

You know what time it is guys, it’s wedding season! Obviously it’s my favourite time of the year, the days are longer, it’s warming up and I no longer have to wear a million layers to keep warm. And wedding season has well and truly started. I say it every year and nothing’s changed now, so much wedding talk and I’m very much in my element. Continue Reading

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Holidaying with two multicultural families

April 24, 2017
Holidaying with two multicultural families

As you know, I don’t always share too much about my personal life on the blog. Only topics that are really important. Mainly I share these snaps on my personal instagram which is private because, nosey aunties, right? But since telling my grandfather about my interfaith relationship, which you can read here, I’ve wanted to talk more about my relationship and parts of my personal life. So let’s dig in… Continue Reading

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An American Chinese wedding

April 21, 2017
An American Chinese wedding

Oh hey all, hope you had a lovely easter holiday break, did you get up to much? I went away to Holland for a few days with some of mine and Mark’s family, you can see some snaps from my trip here. I took a few days away from blogging but have had this wedding on the back of my mind for a while and now I’m finally sharing with you all; this beautiful American Chinese wedding.  Continue Reading

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Norma&Dorothy Stationery

April 10, 2017
Travel collection stationery

Today I’m pleased to tell you about norma&dorothy stationery. Recently I’ve been discussing honeymoons (in person, not on the blog) and I’m getting slightly obsessed with travelling. My dream honeymoon is to go to New Zealand to visit Hobbiton because I love Lord of the Rings – little fact for you there. Okay so you’re probably wondering what’s that got to do with norma&dorothy stationery? Patience, padawan, I’m getting there… 😉 Continue Reading

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An Islamic Christian Fusion wedding in Sheffield

April 5, 2017
An Islamic Christian Fusion wedding in Sheffield

Today I have the lovely wedding of Naomi and Fahran, it’s such a sweet one, so let’s just jump right in, all words from the bride – Naomi.

Fahran is from Kent and I am from Lincolnshire. We met at university in Sheffield where we both studied for the same degree, we got together just after we graduated. Fahran is a Muslim, his parents are both from Mauritius. I am Christian from a white British background.

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A Jewish Hindu Fusion wedding in Mexico

March 28, 2017
A Jewish Hindu Fusion wedding in Mexico

Oh I’m so excited to share this Jewish Hindu fusion wedding with you. Stephanie and Rikin live in NY but are originally from Arizona Texas. They met through a mutual friend in 2006 in Los Angeles, California. Years later, that same friend reconnected them in while they were both in New York and it was history from there! Over the bride and groom: Continue Reading