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10 things my blog has taught me about weddings

10 things my blog has taught me about weddings

1) Photography is essential

With the number of beautiful weddings I have featured and so do feature on the blog, it’s the photography that is essential. Your photography stays with you years after your wedding. It’s the best memory of your big day which is why it is something I and many other wedding bloggers would advise splashing out on. Just imagine if you wanted to save money and have your uncle take your photographs, he misses out half the people in the shot, gets drunk and forgets to take some more. Where have your memories gone? After spending a great amount of time planning and the costs involved in your wedding, surely you want to have the photographs to enjoy after it’s done.

2) That big over the top wedding isn’t a priority

When I was younger and more naive than I still am now, I always dreamed of having a massive over the top wedding. My family never had big parties for celebrations – we’re just not that family. I thought that I wanted this big over the top wedding. Suddenly reality kicks in and you begin asking questions such as – ‘Who is going to be paying for this?’ Certainly not my parents, I don’t expect them to. ‘Do I really need 500 people at my wedding?’ ‘Is having a big over the top wedding a priority?’ than having a wedding with close friends and family. Which brings me to my next point…

Wedding Blog - Beth and Lawrie

3) Smaller weddings are pretty damn good

Intimate weddings are awesome! I went to my friends wedding in Cornwall a couple of years ago and the night before, the bride had a cute slumber party while the guys had a poker night. This was a perfect chance for me to get to know more of bride’s friends so the wedding day was so much more comfortable. This wedding was small and it was great because it allowed the bride and groom to actually have time to talk to their friends and family without having to rush around trying to see everyone. It also means you can have the people you really want there, not obligatory guest (as Aleisha from Save the Date Wedding Podcast would say!)

4) Guest lists are hard

The guest list is probably the hardest part of planning your wedding, ask any couple who have planned a wedding. Choosing who to invite to your big day and deciding who doesn’t make the cut can be tough. It’s hard because people’s feelings get hurt if their expectations, of being invited to your wedding, are not met. It may put stress on the wedding planning stage but laying down some rules in how you decide on your guest list is essential. For instance – if you or and that friend or family member haven’t been in touch for years, that could be a good reason to knock them off the guest list. You can still make the effort to catch up after the wedding but right now you’re sticking your guest list decision making rules.

British Sikh Fusion weddingCredit: Sorriso Weddings and Prints. View more from this wedding here

5) Weddings cost a lot

They’re so expensive. Even budget weddings cost a lot. People say budget weddings are £10-£15k. I’m not sure about you, but that amount of money doesn’t scream budget to me, especially when spending that much on one day. I know it’s the most amazing day of your life – but it’s also about your happily ever after! This is where priorities kick in, I would question things like ‘Do I need to have the fanciest wedding stationery’ or can I opt for something that is still just as good but for less costs.

6) Wedding vendors and suppliers are making a living too

They are specialists in their field which is why you want to use their services. You admire their work and what they can do with it. Many people think that suppliers rip couples off and charge more because it’s a wedding. It’s fundamental to understand that they put a lot of effort into their work providing you with the best for your day. If it costs more, it’s usually because of the quality. In addition to this, imagine you were a wedding supplier, you would also want to make a profit on your services because you work so hard on it, not just to break even!

An english indian fusion weddingCredit: Kayleigh Pope photography. View more from this wedding here.

7) Wedding venues get snapped up

Wedding venues – ah there are some gorgeous locations out there. I’m always on the hunt for the best venues that cater for multicultural weddings – obviously. They get booked up years in advance which is why this should be the first thing you book after deciding on a rough number for your guest list. Some venues are already booking fast for 2017 weddings and that’s 2 years away! Also ensure that you read the wedding venues terms and conditions because they may want you to clear up that night or don’t allow confetti

8) There’s a theme for every type of wedding

Having a theme for your wedding is what many couples are doing nowadays. This can make the day easier to plan and tie everything together to fit within that theme. It can be a woodland theme wedding to a Napa themed wedding. Whatever theme you decide, it must reflect you two as a couple. Just imagine if I had a great gatsby themed wedding? Everyone will know that I’ve never expressed my love for that film, I’ve seen it once, but justifying a whole wedding theme to it? My friends and family would know that an appropriate theme for me would be Disney or Bollywood for instance.

English Chinese Woodland themed wedding cake

Credit: Gemma Lawrence. View more from this wedding here

9) Weddings aren’t for everyone

I am wedding obsessed and this obsession has only grown since launching my lovely blog! However much I love weddings, I’ve realised that they aren’t for everyone. One of my friends, as much as she admires weddings, she doesn’t want to get married herself and this is absolutely fine! I’m not preaching to her to get married, while she isn’t preaching to me not to get married. Not everyone wants a wedding and this is perfectly normal.

10) Pinterest is your best friend and your worst nightmare

It’s one of the best places to find lovely wedding inspiration that you may not have known you wanted. Saying that, it can also give you a false sense of hope. For instance, let’s say you find some pins of a big floral arch and an outdoor wedding in Autumn/Fall. Well if you live in the UK, like me, you will know that the weather is always a mystery and most of the time it will probably rain! Have an outdoor Autumn wedding in UK isn’t as likely as having one in the states or any other country. Catch my drift?

*Featured image credit: One Day Studio. View more from this wedding here


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