20 wedding favours guests will actually want to keep


A true wedding is all about sweet and unforgettable memories. While you will have more than many reasons not to forget your wedding, make it even more special and memorable in the heart of others by giving your guests wedding favours that they would just love and can never forget about. Wedding favours are not only for keeping the wedding alive in the heart and memories of your guests, it is also a way to show your appreciation towards them when they finally leave. Here are 20 amazing wedding favours that your guests will love.

Lip Balm Favours

1. Personalized lip balm

A good send off gift especially at a winter wedding and it would cost you much less as well . Keep different flavors on a table and paste your picture or some type of thank you note on the lip balm container.

Source: Mi Emporium

 sunglasses favours

2. Sunglasses for a summer wedding

Your guests will not only love it, but can also use them later. Just set up a table and put the note “Don’t get blinded by our love”

Photography: Braedon Photography

candle wedding favours

3. Candles in a shot glass

A unique way of giving them shot glasses. They would love to use the glass later. Write your wedding date, your name and your partner’s name on the glass

Source: WeddBook

Love is brewing tea favour

4. Coffee in take away bags

Put some authentic coffee in a recycled paper bag for a rustic look with the details of the wedding inscribed on it.

Source: Etsy.com by ideachic


5. Candy-filled mugs

This is for your guests who have a sweet tooth. Put a candy packet in these jugs and write a small message on the cup with a photo of the bride and the groom.

Source: Casamentoclick.com

Key wedding favour

6. Bottle openers

Give them key shaped or anchor shaped bottle openers with a small note attached to it expressing your appreciation for them coming to your wedding.

Source: Emmaline Bride

The Secret Book

7. The Secret

Gift wrap this amazing book by Rhonda Byrne and write a personalised note for your guests on the first page of the book.

CD Favour

8. Custom made music CD

Download some romantic all time hits and compile them in a DVD. On the DVD case, write the details of the wedding such as the date and your name. Place it on a table near the exit and leave a personal note asking your guest to pick one for the drive back home.

Source: inspiredbythis.com

Picture frame wedding favours

9. Photo frames with their photos

Arrange for a photographer who can take photos of your guests and print them instantly before the wedding is over. Put these photos in the frames and inscribe a small thank you note from the couple at the bottom of the frame. (Or you can use previous photos of your guests to save time!)

Photo by: True Photography

wedding favour seeds

10. Packet of seeds

Find some interesting seeds and place packets of seeds for them to carry home and grow it in their own garden.

Alex and Kirsty wedding favour

11. Charity in the guest’s name

Give money to a charity and get a note from them in favour of your guests. You can write a note that says “In your honour, a donation has been made to…”

honey wedding favour

12. Home made jam or jelly

Give them more personalised attention by packing a homemade jam or jelly in takeaway jars with your and your partner’s name and the wedding date on the jar.

Source: Etsy.com by HillsideBees

Fruit as wedding favours

13. A basket of colorful fruits

Put some colourful fruits in a wooden basket and leave a thank you note on each one of them. These baskets can also be used for wedding decorations during the celebrations and leave a “pick me up” note after the celebrations are over.

Source: Weddings By Lilly

Authentic food

14. Local authentic food

 If you have a destination wedding, find out the authentic food of that place and send off your guests by packing them a packet of some authentic food with your thank you note.

Photo by Elizabeth Butler Photography

Swiss knife favours

15. Swiss knife

 A Swiss-knife key chain is a good utility tool, which everyone would like to take back home. Get the name of the wedding couple inscribed on it with the wedding date to make it more special and memorable.

Source: Jennifer Bergman Weddings

Cigar wedding favours

16. Fine cigars

Men would love this for sure. How about ending the celebrations with a fine Cuban cigar? Leave it on the table near the exit with a small thank you note.

Source: Occasions


17. Succulent

Succulent plants can be used as decoration items especially at a day wedding. At the end of the celebration pack these small plants used for decorations and attach a small thank you note for your guests.

Source: Modernlywed

DIY bag

18. Favour bags or totes

You can either give empty bags or fill them with something interesting like sweets or  candy. Customise these bags by writing the details of the  wedding on it and the couple’s name.

Source: Bubble And Sweet

Chocolate favours

19. Box of fine chocolates

Chocolates can be weakness for anybody, a perfect way to end a perfect celebration. Choose some fine chocolates and mix various types of them to give your guests a sweet treat.

Source: Weddings By Dezign

Beer holders

20. Beer holders

This is again especially for your guy friends. Add a creative note on the holders with the wedding date to make it more special and memorable.

Source: Etsy.com by RookDesignCo

*Guest post kindly written by Maya Savanovich

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