2013 - A Year of Reflection


At the end of May 2013 is when I first set up secret wedding blog. The month before my cousin had passed away so suddenly and left unbearable heartbreak. Confused, angry at God as to why he had to take my cousin away. Why him? When he was the perfect friend, brother, son, nephew, grandson. My heart still aches when I think about him every day.

A month later I wanted some other meaning in my life. Sure I had a job but wanted something else to do in my spare time. The way I was brought up was to always do your homework and even when I had no homework my mum would make us to projects to improve our skills. Since being in education from reception until university I have always had to do work after school. So when I began work I continuted to improve my coding skills. In may, I decided to spend my time on my blog instead. Coding for 8 hours and then again when I got back was too much. It was hard and draining.

Why a wedding blog?

I had seen other blogs before and simply adored them and love reading them. There are so many great blogs out there which is why I never think of them as competition, each have their own unique style!

As I believe I will be having a multicultural wedding, I often found looking at that niche of weddings was handy for when I come to planning my own wedding. But I couldn’t find a blog that focused on multicultural weddings. It isn’t straightforward as planning as traditional wedding in my opinion as you have to cater for both families from two different worlds. Things to take into consideration such as where the ceremony will be held as lot of Gurdwara’s do not allow multicultural weddings (the frustration) and then outfits, sarees, dresses, sherwanis, suits, tuxes. Some couples may find it simple to plan a multicultural wedding, whereas some others may struggle which is why I wanted to share as much information as possible. Which is why I set up the blog. Sure I feature weddings of all types because I don’t want to discriminate and not feature them. All weddings are beautiful and deserve to be shared.Multicultural couple hold hands

What does 2014 hold?

I still can’t believe it is now 2014, I was watching the Notebook earlier (shock - I’m watching it again!) and that was made in 2004, 10 years ago! How the time flies by. Which is why I hope that everyone makes the most of everything they have. Be grateful. Laugh more. Complain less. Enjoy life. Be healthy. Be positive. Have a happy attitude to Monday mornings (difficult I know).

With this positive approach, I hope the blog continues to grow as well as the SWB community. Thank you all again SO much for your support and I can’t wait to blog and interact with you all more.



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