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A Destination Gujarati Wedding

A destination Gujarati wedding

When people hear the term arranged marriage – they often assume forced marriage. There is a huge difference between these two. A forced marriage is when the two individuals are made to marry each other. Whereas an arranged marriage is different, it can be when two families introduce the individuals to each other. They get to know each other, go on a few dates and decide that they want to get married. For my parents – it was literally a meeting then marriage, which you can read about here.  

Nidhi and Kishan got married on 21st Feburary 2015. The day before consisted of the mehendi (henna) in the afternoon. The location was decorated in fabulous orange and yellow decor and Nidhi even wore a beautiful yellow saree matching the colour theme.

Nidhi-Kishan-Haldi-001 Nidhi-Kishan-Haldi-002 Nidhi-Kishan-Haldi-003 Nidhi-Kishan-Haldi-004 Nidhi-Kishan-Haldi-005 Nidhi-Kishan-Haldi-008 Nidhi-Kishan-Haldi-009 Nidhi-Kishan-Haldi-010 Nidhi-Kishan-Haldi-016 Nidhi-Kishan-Haldi-017 Nidhi-Kishan-Haldi-018 Nidhi-Kishan-Haldi-020 Nidhi-Kishan-Haldi-021 Nidhi-Kishan-Haldi-022 Nidhi-Kishan-Haldi-025 Nidhi-Kishan-Haldi-027 Nidhi-Kishan-Mehndi-001 Nidhi-Kishan-Mehndi-003These hanging floral bird cages are my favourite!Nidhi-Kishan-Mehndi-004 Nidhi-Kishan-Mehndi-005 Nidhi-Kishan-Mehndi-009 Nidhi-Kishan-Mehndi-010 Nidhi-Kishan-Mehndi-011 Nidhi-Kishan-Mehndi-012 Nidhi-Kishan-Mehndi-013 Nidhi-Kishan-Mehndi-014 Nidhi-Kishan-Mehndi-015 Nidhi-Kishan-Mehndi-016 Nidhi-Kishan-Mehndi-017 Nidhi-Kishan-Mehndi-019 Nidhi-Kishan-Sangeet-006 Nidhi-Kishan-Sangeet-009 Nidhi-Kishan-Sangeet-010 Nidhi-Kishan-Sangeet-011 Nidhi-Kishan-Sangeet-012 Nidhi-Kishan-Sangeet-013 Nidhi-Kishan-Sangeet-014 Nidhi-Kishan-Sangeet-015The bride wore Purva Couture/Anushree Reddy that looked stunning while the groom donned in the fabulous Sabyasachi.Nidhi-Kishan-Wedding-001 Nidhi-Kishan-Wedding-002 Nidhi-Kishan-Wedding-003 Nidhi-Kishan-Wedding-005 Nidhi-Kishan-Wedding-006 Nidhi-Kishan-Wedding-007 Nidhi-Kishan-Wedding-010Nidhi-Kishan-Wedding-013 Nidhi-Kishan-Wedding-015 Nidhi-Kishan-Wedding-016 Nidhi-Kishan-Wedding-017 Nidhi-Kishan-Wedding-018 Nidhi-Kishan-Wedding-019 Nidhi-Kishan-Wedding-020 Nidhi-Kishan-Wedding-022 Nidhi-Kishan-Wedding-023 Nidhi-Kishan-Wedding-025 Nidhi-Kishan-Wedding-026 Nidhi-Kishan-Wedding-027Nidhi-Kishan-Wedding-033 Nidhi-Kishan-Wedding-034Nidhi-Kishan-Wedding-042 Nidhi-Kishan-Wedding-043 Nidhi-Kishan-Wedding-044 Nidhi-Kishan-Wedding-045 Nidhi-Kishan-Wedding-047 Nidhi-Kishan-Wedding-048 Nidhi-Kishan-Wedding-049 Nidhi-Kishan-Wedding-051 Nidhi-Kishan-Wedding-052 Nidhi-Kishan-Wedding-053 Nidhi-Kishan-Wedding-054 Nidhi-Kishan-Wedding-055 Nidhi-Kishan-Wedding-057Nidhi-Kishan-Wedding-061


Venue for all the functions – Madhubhan Spa and Resort, Anand, Gujrat

Wedding Photography: Navdeep Soni

Wedding Outfits for the bride: Purva Couture/Anushree Reddy

Wedding Outfits for the groom: Sabyasachi

Make-up artist/Parlor: Ulupi’s Salon, Ahmedabad

Celebrity Performance ( sangeet ): Neeti Mohan ( Singer )

Jewellery: Shobha Shringar, Mumbai

Invitations: EDC, Mumbai

Décor: 7X Ahmedabad and R-One Events (Yogesh Popat) Mumbai

Florist: 7X Ahmedabad

Catering: Gordhan Caterers Ahmedabad/Madhubhan Hopitality Team

Wedding Band: JEA


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