A new look for Secret Wedding Blog


I am so delighted to introduce to the new look for Secret Wedding Blog
When it was first started up, I quickly came up with a logo because I didn’t want to have no logo to use at the start of the blog. For those who follow Secret Wedding Blog, you will know how important this is as I wrote a blog post on it called 10 tips for small business start ups

The Designer

Meet Farron Davis - a freelance graphic designer who recently graduated from Nottingham Trent University.

I approached Farron as I adored her work and wanted a simple look for the blog. I knew she would be able to come up with something great because of her keen eye for design. I didn’t want just another boring logo but some meaning behind it. Hence the wedding ring!

With an idea of what I wanted in mind, Farron went beyond my expectations in her efficiency and professionalism. She was more than happy to provide many versions of the logo until we got the perfect one. My issue was that it was extremely difficult in just choosing one!

So as an alternative, we decided to focus on two logos. The main one being the ring (as shown above) for social media sites and if theres room like at the top of the blog, to use the longer version - the text.

secret-wedding-blog-textAs you can see - they both fit the theme of the design - using the same colours and styles so you can instantly recognise that it’s Secret Wedding Blog!

Like I said earlier, I am so very happy with working closely with Farron and watch this space for more collaborations as Farron will be contributing more to make this blog the best it can be.

If you are interested in working with Farron or even getting in touch please visit her website on:- http://cargocollective.com/fjmd and you can also connect with her on twitter! (Don’t be shy, she’s lovely!)


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