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A Punjabi Sikh Wedding

Punjabi Sikh wedding

Last month I shared the gorgeous sophisticated London engagement shoot of Kiran and Gurshinder shot by Slawa Walczak. Now I have the photographs of their wedding day. The couple are from different faiths but similar cultures. Kiran is Hindu Punjabi and Gurshinder is Sikh Punjabi. This means that a lot of their traditions are similar, their families also speak the same language which definitely makes things easy when planning a wedding.


Despite coming from the same cultures, their faiths meant that wedding ceremonies are very different. As the couple only wanted to get married one they both agreed with their parents on having a traditional Sikh ceremony – an Anand Karaj at the Gurdwara in Southhall – that’s not only the largest Sikh temple within London, but also one of the largest Sikh temples situated outside of India. The Gurdwara consists of 2 prayer halls – one main hall with a beautiful dome ceiling and a second smaller much more intimate hall. This is where their wedding took place.


The Sikh Wedding Photography started early – typical for Sikh Weddings, at the Bride and Grooms house. Groom had his turban put on by the male family members, while the Bride had her make up and Chunni/Dupata put on by Ambreen. All the preparations were followed by some family photos before the barratt to the Gurdwara.


Family and friends joined together to witness the union of Kiran and Gurshinder, which really showcased just how important this wonderful couple are to both their friends and family. The ceremony was rich with Sikh culture which combined bold colours, mesmerising music and classic Sikh tradition to full effect, creating a truly memorable day.
Following the ceremony at Sri Guru Singh Sabha, both the happy couple and their family moved onto the Lancaster Hotel in London, a modern luxury hotel that look over London’s beautiful Hyde Park. The reception allowed the couple to receive many congratulations from their friends, as well as listening to some truly emotional and moving speeches delivered by Gurshinder. The celebrations carried out into the night as friends and family took full advantage of the dance floor and celebrated the union of the happy couple into the small hours.

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Wedding Suppliers

Photography: Slawa Walczak
Bridal Outfits: Bought from Punjab, India
Groom’s Outfits: UK
Gurdwara: Gurdwara in Southhall
Reception: Lancaster Hotel
Catering: Madhus & Passage to India Events
MUA: Ambreen Make up
Videography: Kubicki


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