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A-Z guide to Wedding Guests

a-z guide to wedding guests

Before you start planning your wedding, you will have a number of facts to consider. It can be hard especially when you have so much to do, I wanted to make it easier for your planning stage. Here is the A-Z guide of wedding guests that will help you through planning your guest list. I hope you enjoy!

A – Accommodation. If you have guests travelling far, or you’re having a destination wedding, you should research some accommodation options. This way it will make it easier for your guests to plan their stay.

B – Bridesmaids. I believe once you start planning your wedding, the bridesmaids need to be established. It’s silly me even saying this, because I know ladies will want to ask their girls to be their bridesmaids straight away! This way they will know of their part in your wedding and be even more excited, especially when shopping for bridesmaids dresses and accessories.Flo and bridesmaidsFlo and her bridesmaids – view more here

C – Champagne and canapés you can serve to your guests after the ceremony, before and or even during the reception. This is a great way for people to mingle with other guests and start to relax and enjoy themselves. I had champagne and canapés at Sunita and Ricky’s wedding before the reception, it was so elegantly done!

D – Dancing. As much as you’d want everyone to hit the dance floor at your wedding reception, you will have to bear in mind theres some people who find it uncomfortable. It may be easier than others to get up on the dance floor, some require drinks first but if others are happy to socialise without dancing, then this is okay too.First danceView more from this Malibu wedding here

E – Enjoyment is what you expect from your guests as they of you. Your guest will ensure you are enjoying your wedding day, and you will do the same to them. Family members will also be ensuring requirements are met so the day is enjoyable for everyone.

F – Family. How big is your family? If you have a large family, you will need to sit down (often with your parents) to discuss who to invite or not. Some members of your family who may expect to be invited but you simply can’t include them. They may be offended but you are paying for the wedding at the end of the day. If you can imagine your wedding day without them, leave them off the list. If you can’t imagine your wedding without them, they’ll certainly be a priority on the list.dharar familyMy twin sister, brother, me, older sister, mum and dad.

G – Grandparents. When your grandparents got married, it was a whole different time and generation. Things have changed and the way weddings are done have changed too. When my grandparents got married, both couples had arranged marriages from their own religion. Nowadays if you mention arranged marriage to me, I’d laugh a lot. Especially when grandparents believe you should marry from your own religion. Therefore, they may not agree with everything you do or arrange for your big day, but sitting them down and explaining might help.

H – Honeymoon. Nowadays many couples live together before marrying. Gone are the times when guests give the couple items for their home. Introducing the honeymoon list. You can add this to your invitation or if guests ask if you want anything. Send them to a website where they can pay for items for your honeymoon. Mark and I paid for our friends to spend a day on Phi Phi island for their wedding present and they loved it!

raj and mark honeymoon registry

I – Invitations. The formal invitation to your wedding. Before getting your invitations designed, ensure you know what information to put on them. You may need to add extra for accommodation ideas, location map, honeymoon list, specific requirements. For example, this can be informing your guests of what they can expect from a Sikh wedding, covering your head in the temple is required. Which means a shawl, scarf or bandana is required to cover your head. Making it easier for your guests will be beneficial on your actual wedding day.

J – Joint best men. Two weddings on this blog have had two joint best men, Alex and Kirsty’s wedding and also Harry and Tori’s wedding. It’s becoming more of a common factor to have two best men. Guys simply can’t choose between their two best friends, so why not have both! Matt had 5 on his wedding day! View more hereHarry, Tori, Bridesmaids and GroomsmenView more from Harry and Tori’s wedding here

K – Keep calm. Wedding planning isn’t the easiest of things. There can be pressure that you may put on yourself to get everything perfect. It’s vital to keep calm through the planning stages. Specifically when it comes to cutting down your guest list to fit budget costs. If you try and make your wedding planning as fun as possible, you’ll look back at these memories instead of being stressed. Get the tea, or wine or cakes out and enjoy the planning stage of your guest list.Keep calm and marry RickyView more from Sunita and Ricky’s wedding here

L – Location. Have you decided on the location of your wedding? One of the first things your guests will ask you before sending out invitations, is when is the wedding and where is it? The details after that can be filled in later. Is the location of the ceremony near the reception? If there is an hour drive in between then this makes it slightly more difficult for your guests especially those who wish to drink instead of drive far.

M- Money. When your guests receive an invitation to your wedding, some may firstly think of money and costs. Your guests will also be spending X amount when they attend your wedding. Things they will need to spend money on are: a new outfit (if they wanted a new outfit), travel, gift, bar tab, and paying for accommodation if travelling far or abroad. This is quite a lot if your guests do not have that much money. They may have to respectfully decline your invitation. Be sure not to take this personally, if they cannot make it due to costs.SistersView more from Sunita and Ricky’s wedding here

N – Not pleasing everyone, it’s very rare that your entire guest list will walk away from your wedding being 100% satisfied. There will be the odd comments will be mentioned. You must remember that you won’t be able to please everyone. As long as you were happy with your wedding day, that’s all that matters.

O – Outfits. – Depending on what type of ceremony you are having, some of your guests may ask your opinion or advice on an outfit for your wedding. In the past, I asked the bride if I could wear a long white dress covered in Flowers (see below). Long white dress sounds like an instant no no so I wanted peace of mind. She approved and I felt better by asking for her opinion first, as it’s respectful.

raj and best manMe and the best man for Alex and Kirsty’s wedding which you can view more here

Alternatively, if you are having a wedding that your friends may not have attended, they may want to know what to wear, i.e. a sari. I wrote a post on what to wear to an indian wedding which may help!

P – Photography. Most of your guests will be taking photographs of the big day. Some couples prefer for their guests not to take any photographs and enjoy the day. Although, some do not mind that their guests are taking photographs, you will have to decide which one you are. Taking into account that if you don’t want your guests taking photographs then they will need a notice or warning prior to the ceremony.

wedding guest list ecard

Q – Questions. When starting your wedding guest list, there will be a lot of questions you and your partner will need to answer. How many people to invite, who to invite to the ceremony and reception (if applies). What sort of catering are you looking for and what do you think your guests will enjoy? A good method is to write a list of questions you need to answer, so you can ensure you’ve answered them and checked them off your list!

R – RSVPs are so important. The sooner your guests RSVP, the sooner you can start planning and finalising the details such as catering and seats! Simple! As long as you remember to leave a space for the guests to write their name otherwise your RSVPs will be return without a name, behold the confusion!Vintage Wedding InvitationsView an extensive range of stationery

S – Save the dates. I love a save the date. It’s like a little teaser. A teaser into what your guests can expect from your wedding. I published a post on 22 creative save the dates which can give you a range of inspiration as to what suits you, your guests will be so exited to receive them!save the date bicycleView 22 creative save the dates

T – Transport. Depending on what type of wedding you are having, some couples have to provide transport for the family. For example, in Sikh weddings, the groom comes to do the Baraat, the procession of his family to where the ceremony is being held. Some choose to provide coaches if the wedding is far away and some tell the guests to go straight to the Gurdwara. So it all depends on the number of guests, the location and costs.

U – Upset. When it comes to planning a wedding, there is always going to be someone upset with something. Upset they were invited to only the evening, not the ceremony. Upset with having to dress up (if they don’t like wearing suits or dresses!). In a way, you have to be slightly brutal because you are paying for your wedding, even if you were a millionaire, there’d always be one person who was upset.

Another side to being upset occurs a lot in Asian weddings. When the bride leaves her home, it is a sad time for the parents and family because it is as if ‘they are losing their daughter’. So if you are attending this type of wedding, it’s a normal thing for people to be upset. The groom’s side are merrier because their family are gaining a daugther. I’ve cried a lot at weddings when it comes to leaving the bride’s home (I can’t help it!) It’s interesting to see how cultures do things differently.

bride saying byeView more of Shree and Brijesh’s wedding here

V – Videos. The same rules about photography apply to videos. Nowadays as pretty much everyone has a smartphone making the method of videoing is ever so easy. If you are not comfortable with guests taking videos of you, this again, will need to be stated prior to the ceremony.

W –  Wedding favours/favors. They are a good little touch as thank you to all your guests for helping you celebrate your big day. There are so many great ideas out there to buy or create your own. My advice is to not spend too much on wedding favours as most of them get left behind anyway. Another option is to use the money saved for wedding favours to go towards something else such as a sweet or popcorn cart that your guests may enjoy more.Personalised wedding favoursView more wedding favours here

X – XOXO. X is a hard one, right? So I cheated with XOXO. But hear me out. The people you invite to your wedding are the ones who you will want to hug and kiss and celebrate on your day. When writing your guest list, keep that in mind because why pay for someone who you really don’t want at your wedding? That will be a waste of money.

Y – Young ones. Ah the question of do I invite kids to the wedding or not? This is crucial. Some guests will assume their children are invited, but if your wedding is adults only, this should be stated clearly on the invitations.gemma lloyd lyra

Z- ZZZ. Okay I cheated again, but don’t lose sleep over planning your guest list. I know I’ve stressed the importance of several points but it’s not worth losing sleep over. Your partner probably won’t appreciate you waking them in the middle of the night with a panic that you’ve forgotten someone from the list!

I hope you’ve enjoyed the A-Z guide to wedding guests, do you have any points that I’ve missed out? Leave a comment below and let me know!


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