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Raj Dharar

Hey everyone! I’m Raj Dharar - I am a female wedding blogger. I have to emphasise that I’m female as most people see the name ‘Raj’ and automatically assume I’m male!

Fun fact - I have a twin sister - we both have a crazy laugh that synchronises!

I studied Computing at University {geeky, I loved it though} and I landed myself a job at a design agency near my house. There I develop websites which is why I can’t emphasise how much of an impact your website has as a first impression! I use my coding knowledge to keep Secret Wedding Blog in shape, I don’t know where I would be if I couldn’t code, especially HTML and CSS.

I love a wedding…

I love weddings, all kinds of weddings. The day where two people stand in front of their friends and family - announcing their love for each other, makes my heart melt. I believe love has no boundaries - so I like to promote every kind of wedding possible! Especially when you see two people from different worlds meet and fall in love, and nothing else matters except for their love. It is the most important thing. I have no time for people who dibrown and white handssagree with this. I do get more excited when I see a multicultural wedding, east meets west! One of the reasons I started this blog was to make people aware of the popularity of multicultural weddings. People may think “Hey - surely that’s a given?” You would think so, when you have strict family members who can’t see past their traditions, it makes situations very difficult. But I’m here to say - it’s okay and show you the beauty of it! So I am hoping to be a inspirational source for interracial and multicultural weddings, it is my niche after all.

The idea…

of Secret Wedding Blog first came to me in the shower, strangely enough! A few days before I was talking to my mum and stated “I want to do something with weddings and beautifully designed websites.” For days I would think how I could go about combining my two loves. Then all of a sudden, I thought - why don’t I start a wedding blog? I know there are so many other blogs out there {which I admire and think they all have their own uniqueness}. So then I became really excited, domain names were my first step. I know I wanted the words ‘wedding and blog’ in the domain because this is good for SEO {from what I have learnt}. Then I tried out many variations but decided to wait to think of the perfect name.

I was recently reading The Secret for the second time. This book is special to me for many reasons. It helps and motivates me on my outlook on life - keeping me grateful for everything I have. Also, me and my cousin Bobby bonded over this book. Then he passed away so suddenly, the month before I started this blog, at the age of 21. Heartbroken and sorrowful. What a better way to have him as a part of Secret Wedding Blog?

So far…

the blog is going really well and I’d like to thank those who have contributed, liked, followed, pinned, instagrammed!
If you want to chat or say hi, I’m available on most platforms and of course email.
If you wanted to sign up to my newsletter and receive some fun emails, please use the form below.

I hope this blog grows and grows and that you all enjoy your experience on Secret Wedding Blog.

Raj - Secret Wedding Blog (SWB) xoxo

2 Comments About Me

  1. Holly

    Dear Raj,

    I hope you are well.

    I have been reviewing your blog and think it is absolutely fantastic!

    I wanted to ask a quick question; do you have any lingerie or nightwear stories/ideas in the pipeline?

    I know the brand is keen to progress any giveaway or competition scenarios also to support any blog post, and give your followers/readers more of a call to action!

    Do you think this opportunity would be something you’d be interested in working with us on? I’ve included a mere taster of the Ceremony/Bridal lingerie collection, the full collection you can find at http://www.pourmoi-lingerie.co.uk

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Best wishes,


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