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An English Russian Wedding in Bath

An English Russian Wedding

Annie and Jon met when they were attending university. Annie was studying fine art while Jon was studying to become a doctor. Now qualified, Jon is taking a work placement in New Zealand as part of their around the world honeymoon. So amazing, my dream honeymoon would be to go to New Zealand to see Hobbiton, I digress…An English Russian WeddingAn English Russian Wedding

The Wedding

They got married at Priston Mill, an old mill house, in the Somerset countryside on 27th July 2015. Priston Mill went above and beyond expectations during their wedding – really taking care of their guests. Although there was a slight chill in the air at times, the weather was pretty kind that day. Having a theme at weddings is a modern aspect, some find having a theme is easy during their planning while some don’t. Either way, having a theme at a wedding makes it unique and memorable to that couple. As Annie and Jon love to travel, in addition to Annie’s family coming from Russia, there was an international theme to the wedding. For instance, they used the world map as their table plan – naming the tables after countries and also provided postcards for people to sign.

An English Russian WeddingAn English Russian Wedding

Wedding Planning Obstacles

The main wedding planning obstacle the couple had to face was time. With such an incredible journey to undertake as part of their honeymoon, and planning a wedding, whilst both working full time is quite a task. (Ask anyone whose planned a wedding!). Annie was an extremely organised bride, with no traits of being a bridezilla. She knew exactly what she wanted and provided a detailed plan for everyone involved, including the best man!

An English Russian Wedding
An English Russian Wedding

Advice to give to other multicultural couples

Embrace the differences. If a bride and groom, or their families, have different backgrounds, embrace them. Include traditions from everyone involved and it will make for something really unique and provide a better experience for all the guests, as they’re unlikely to have seen anything like it before.

An English Russian WeddingAn English Russian WeddingAn English Russian WeddingAn English Russian WeddingAn English Russian Wedding


Photography: Lee Maxwell Photography
Venue: Priston Mill


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