Andrew proposes to Sarah


I am super excited to present the proposal story of Andrew and Sarah. They are both from Melbourne, Australia and Andrew had visited the UK a couple of times to play cricket which is how I met him.  Andrew is a qualified builder and works for eastrise construction doing renovations and extensions. Sarah is qualified in children’s services and works at an early learning centre, currently in the toddler room. Their story is so cute so I’d advise getting a drink, get comfortable and read on…

How they met (Sarah’s version)

“Andrew and I met both on a night out, me with a girlfriend and Andrew with the boys at a pub called the Hawthorn. Andrew and his mates were dancing close by and decided to “photo bomb” some of my photos. Andrew had a broken arm at the time and was in plaster. When I asked him what happened? His response was that “I fought off a shark, punched him right in the nose”. Of course that got my attention, we traded numbers and had our first date a couple of weeks later.”


The Proposal - Sarah’s Story

Andrew proposed to me the night before our 3 year anniversary. (That’s our official anniversary, we were seeing each other for a few months before things were made “official” boyfriend/girlfriend - he took his time haha).

Andrew and I were on holiday at a beautiful resort in Fiji. We had wanted to go on holiday all year and thought our 3 year anniversary was a good excuse to get away. Andrew had told me that morning that we were going out for a special dinner that night. I was very confused - we’re on holiday, aren’t they are all special dinners?? All day I was at him asking questions but he have me nothing.

We got ready that night and walked down to the beach. He held my hand very tight and didn’t let me go, so much so that it was annoying me and I kept trying to get away. At one point I even yelled at him saying I’m not a baby let me walk by myself!!!! Little did I know that he was doing this because he had the ring in his pocket and didn’t want me standing on that side of him.Proposal Location

We got down to the beach and there was a beautiful cabana set up with stain glass windows around the top and flowing curtains. A single table set up with flowers and a candle looking out onto the beach. We had a delicious 4 course dinner, champagne and cocktails and our own waitress who would walk down and bring us everything we wanted. After our main meal Andrew told me that he “has a surprise before desert”. At this point it started to rain too.

He told me to close my eyes and not to look! I started to freak out!!! What was he doing!!! I opened my eyes and there he was, on one knee holding a box. He have a little beautiful speech which I interrupted with a kiss before he could say “will you marry me?” I replied with “yes of course I will!!!!”

When I opened my eyes and saw him on one knee I just couldn’t breathe. I felt so overwhelmed, surprised, I just wanted to cry but I couldn’t - I couldn’t breathe!!! It was like I was dreaming. I think after he asked me all I kept saying was “is this really happening”. I told him my ring was so beautiful too. I felt on top of the world and so loved, he had gone to so much trouble to make this dream come true be so perfect for me.andrew-sarah

Did you have any idea he was going to propose?

Before we left for the holiday there was a lot of talk about it. So the idea was definitely there in my head but I didn’t want to expect anything. On the night when I saw the table set up and everything the thought did come to mind but he was SO CALM!! Too calm!! That I thought nah, he’s just being romantic. I thought if he was going go ask me he would be nervous or act weird but he didn’t give it away at all!!!!


The Proposal - Andrew’s story

Choosing the ring and asking for permission

I had a fair idea of the style of ring Sarah wanted as she had pointed out rings while we were shopping or even just browsing online. So it was just a matter of looking around untill I found the perfect ring.

The morning we were flying out to Fiji I rang Sarah’s Dad and invited him out for lunch. I had never been so nervous I was shitting myself! We met at the  restaurant and I started with all the usual small talk but I can’t even remember what I was saying I was that nervous. I eventually said to him that I love Sarah and will always be there for her and love being part of your family. He said of course and I breathed a massive sigh of relief.

The Proposal

I had decided that I wanted to propose to Sarah and was trying to think of how I could do it, we then booked a holiday to Fiji which I thought would be the perfect place to propose. For dinner on our 3rd night I booked a cabana hut which was set right on the beach, amazing views and beautiful location. Just after we finished our main meal I told Sarah to close her eyes, as she did I got down on one knee took her hand and told her to open her eyes. I then asked her to marry me.

I was actually surprised how calm I was at the time, I still was very nervous but at the same time very excited to finally ask! The hardest part was getting from our hotel room to the cabana hut without Sarah seeing the ring that was jammed in my pocket. Once Sarah said yes it made for an amazing night one we will never forget.proposal-location

Save the date

We have booked our wedding for the 4th April 2015 at Tatra receptions. It is a beautiful place up in the mountains that has a chapel, 9 acres of gardens, a ball room for reception and accommodation. Everything in one place! It’s amazing.

I can reread this amazing proposal over and over, it’s so romantic. Andrew did a good job giving Sarah the perfect proposal, I wish them a lifetime of happiness and can’t wait to blog about their wedding day! ;)

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