Mini engagement shoot in Phoenix

This gorgeous mini engagement shoot came across my inbox this morning. The setting of the shoot was in a desert in Phoenix, Arizona. Claire and Jonny, from London, travelled over to the states and took the opportunity to have their shoot in the desert sunset. It is such a great way to make a holiday a bit more special by having an engagement shoot because those beautiful photos will last forever. They are planning their wedding for 2015 in the beautiful island of Ibiza, Spain. Continue reading

The rise of pink Asian bridal wear

Traditionally for a South Asian Indian bride, they always wore red. A red suit, lengha or saree. It’s just the same as non-asian brides wearing white on their big day. However, in this modern era, there has been a rise of pink asian bridal wear. A number of brides are now opting to wear lovely pink garments on their wedding day, putting a modern twist on wedding traditions. Some brides wear pink for the whole day or they change into another outfit for the reception. Below, I have rounded up a number of beautiful brides wearing pink on their big day. Continue reading

To Change or Not to Change Your Surname after Marriage

I have often had the conversation with my girl friends about when we get married, would be change our name or not? Back in the day it was traditional to change your name but nowadays more brides are choosing to keep their names. Out of all my girlfriends, it was surprising to see that I was the only one who wanted to change my last name! One of my friends, because she is a doctor, has to pay quite a lot just to change her name from Dr X to Dr Y. It’s funny how things have changed so much over the years in regards to marriage and wedding traditions. So when this infographic came by way, I wanted to share the latest stats with you. Continue reading

A Korean Wedding in Miami, Florida

Today I have another wedding from evanR photography - I recently published another one of their weddings - the wedding of Nichole and Josh. Shirlin and Allen got married at the Fairchild Tropical Botanical Garden in Coral Gables Miami, Florida.

Shirlin’s bouquet was such a lovely one with a blend of colours ranging from orange, green to white lilies. She wore a one shouldered fitted dress with a ruffled train. Allen opted for a dark grey suit with a striped tie and brown shoes. For the reception, Shirlin then changed into a gorgeous red traditional Korean dress.

Continue reading