Surprise Punjabi Bhangra Wedding Dance

Videos are a powerful media. I love watching videos that can bring about so many emotions which is why I will be sharing some of my favourite videos that I have found in regards to the wedding industry!

I have seen this video before and thought it was incredible. You may have also seen it too. The amazing shock of their ability to dance Bhangra! I feel that they can dance better than me! Watching this video really brings a smile to my face and I hope you enjoy it too! Continue reading

A beautiful Sikh & Muslim wedding

I had been looking for a Sikh and Muslim wedding for a while to see how they combined both cultures and ceremonies. As they are rare weddings, I’m really glad that I stumbled upon it on Jackie and Hani had a three day event at the luxury 5* Fairmount hotel in San Jose - San Francisco.

The first day took place at the bride’s house for the Vatna or Haldi ceremony, where yellow paste made of Tumeric and mustard oil is applied to the skin to make the bride more beautiful and radiant for her wedding day. This is also known as the mayian. Following this, the mehndi night begins where mehndi (henna) is applied to the bride’s hands and feet. The darker the henna the better it looks so it is kept on usually for most of the night. Continue reading