How Sikh weddings excite everyone

Being raised in a non-Asian area has been fun for myself and the family. I feel I always get to experience the best of both worlds. The other night, I got talking to Mark’s mum. Being a 60 something White northern lady, she had never attended an Indian wedding. Her oldest son and daughter had traditional Christian weddings, which she has always been familiar with.

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David and Claire’s Stirk House Wedding

Today on Secret Wedding Blog, we have the beautiful wedding of Dave and Claire at Stirk House, photographed by David Stubbs photography. Dave and Claire met on a student night out in a local bar in their honeymoon 11 years ago. Their wedding theme is a combination of vintage and travel. This wedding has a Q&A feature so you can get the bride and groom’s perspective of the big day! Continue reading

40 ways to stay creative

We can reach those points where we are lacking creativity. I recently wrote about how I fell in love with blogging again. It can happen to all of us, sometimes we just need something to get our creative juices flowing. It can be hard to discover what we actually need to do to get that inspiration again. I usually find that my best and creative ideas come when I’m in the shower or falling asleep. This is when I have the least distractions in the day.

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Malibu Rocky Oaks Estate Vineyards Wedding Reception

I genuinely though that this wedding was a destination wedding when I first saw it. Living in the UK, it can be seen as a destination wedding to myself. The wedding of Brett and Sona took place at Malibu Rocky Oaks, California with the most incredible views. Brett and Sona’s wedding reception contained gorgeous white floral themed centrepieces and decor. You can see Brett’s fun personality in the photographs and how beautiful Sona looked. From her hair, make up, jewellery and lengha. They really put thought into every detail of their reception and it all paid off, especially with Lin and Jirsa Photography there to capture it all! Continue reading