What Bollywood can teach you

I’m such a hopeless romantic, maybe it’s because I have been brought up watching Bollywood and Disney films. I love a hero in a film, usually a love story where the two can’t be together, but have to fight or go through something in order to finally reach each other. I can say I honestly do sob at these movies, when you get so engrossed into the characters, or especially when you can relate it back to your own love story. In Bollywood films, they all have a similar storyline, boy meets girl, can’t be together due to different religion, money, class etc, but they always make it to each other in the end. (Apart from Tere Naam - do not watch that if you’re already feeling a bit low!)


Which got me thinking of what I’ve learnt from Bollywood. What all those films had in common is how men treat women and being her hero in the end. These films give us such expectations of what men should be like, a gentleman, someone reliable and I think mainly - how they can always look after their woman. Which is similar to our expectations nowadays but not as dramatic if you catch my drift?

Veer Zara

Bollywood has a way of showcasing and embracing such passion in about 3 hours worth of film, probably an hour dedicated to all the songs! When I talk about Bollywood, I mean classic Bollywood, not based on today’s society. The images used in this post expresses this passion so much.


What Bollywood can teach you

  1. Veer-Zaara 21If you fall in love with someone outside of ‘your own’ - the road isn’t going to be easy. It will be difficult and challenge you but if your love is strong enough, you will conquer it together!
  2. All men are heros, they will fight, they will walk the corners of the Earth, they will battle everyone, including their family; they will let nothing get in the way of reaching their girl. Kabhi-Khushi-Kabhie-Gham
  3. At all weddings and parties in Bollywood films, everyone can sing and dance, funny to think how that would be like in today’s society. But being able to dance will give you instant brownie points and will get people talking about how amazing your dance moves are!
  4. The importance of family. Do I need to say much more? Within the asian culture it’s all based around family and your elders, keep them happy and included and that will bring you all closer.snapshot002a
  5. Respect - What I love about these films is (okay may be cheesey now)…when there is a party/wedding and oh a random guy (the hero) is attending as a stranger, the way his behaviour is with the elders. Everyone is an auntie or uncle in the culture, calling elders by their first name is not the done thing. What we can learn from this is that if you show them respect, they will be so pleased and show nothing but praise for you. My twin sister and I have had a similar modern time situation to this. We saw an ‘auntie and uncle’ at a wedding and immediately ran over, gave them hugs and were chatting away. ‘Auntie’ was so pleased -she rang my grandma a few days after to tell her how amazing her grandkids were. Stop it ;) A little bit of respect goes a long way!Wallpaper-dilwale-dulhania-le-jayenge-32189782-1280-720
  6. How to flirt. Bollywood can teach you how to flirt, yes I said exactly that. The guy and girl get quite close, then the girl runs away in a field while the guy is behind her walking/singing. Easy…now where’s that field for me?
  7. Religion and God plays a big importance - which can be seen as true todayDhadkhan
  8. You may be forced into a marriage - but you’ll probably fall in love with your partner in the end - Dhadkhan, Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam.6mohabbatein
  9. Facing your father will be hardest thing you may have to do (especially if it’s Amitabh Bachchan!)

What else do you think Bollywood teaches you? I’d love to know what you think!

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