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By Uma J

Custom illustrations by Uma J

When I first saw one of Uma J’s illustrations on instagram, I immediately fell in love. It was this photo to be exact and obviously it resonated with me. It showed the beauty of two people from different cultures, a different race on their wedding day – a multicultural wedding. Since then I was obsessed on her unique designs and illustrations which is why I’m sharing her work on the blog today, as big fan.

By Uma J illustration

Uma is a Sri-Lankan girl who moved to New Zealand then Australia 13 years ago, she started drawing when she was a young girl. It was only in 2012 where she started taking it seriously and discovered her illustrative painting style. You’ll notice that her illustrations don’t have facial features but yet show so much expression. This style happened by chance for Uma – by process of elimination. She tried a few different things and this style just happened one day and stuck. Luckily it did because it’s the most comfortable style for Uma and it’s how her work is recognised all around the world.

Custom illustrations by Uma J

I knew for a while that I wanted a custom print of myself and Mark but of me wearing a sari. Unfortunately he and I didn’t actually have any photographs of us in that style. So I sent Uma a photo of us together and then a separate image of me in the sari. It wasn’t a problem for her and she combined the two together perfectly. First she sketched the image so I could see how it would look, once that was signed off she went ahead and painted it. It’s just perfect and it’s currently framed and waiting to go up in my living room. (featured image).

Custom illustrations by Uma J

Before Uma shipped my custom print, my sisters and I also ordered a couple of prints for my mum for mother’s day. My mum loves dancing and loves Shiv so these two prints were absolutely perfect. It’s definitely one of the best presents we’ve ever bought her and she loved them.

By Uma JShiv

Uma: “The best part is putting whats in my head on to paper.  Some days it’ll come out worse than what I imagined and sometimes better. When I see photos of my prints framed from my customers, it makes me happy to see its reached a new home and being loved better than how I would look after it.”

Custom illustrations by Uma J

As you can see there are so many ways that you can use these prints or custom prints for your wedding. More and more couples look for something that is personal to them and custom illustrations do just that. Uma sends her customers a digital copy along with the original sot hey can get it printed the way they want to. And after seeing all these custom illustrations and how unique they are, you can be assured your wedding stationery or any other wedding assets are completely unique.

Custom illustrations by Uma J Custom illustrations by Uma JBy Uma J illustration

Visit her Etsy shop to see her collection or request a custom illustration.
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