Sunita and Ricky’s wedding

I have been wanting to blog about this wedding for a while, I mentioned it briefly on another post which focused on - The Roundhouse Derby but wanted to share the lovely photography too. In case you haven’t read the previous post, Sunita and I have known each other since we were kids as our families have known each other for years. I genuinely thought Sunita and Ricky’s wedding was the best Indian wedding I’ve attended in the UK. They had planned and put thought into every little detail and made us all feel so welcome. Bhavna Barratt captured their wedding so beautifully and she is definitely one of my favourite wedding photographers! Continue reading

Tamil Indian Wedding

This week there have been a lack of blog posts and my apologies, I’ve been unwell since last week but tried to power through work and get blog posts up. But Thursday morning, I physically couldn’t speak without being in agony. I had a meeting with a client at work then told my boss I had to go home. I have been resting/sleeping since then but really wanted to put this Tamil Indian wedding video on the blog to show you all. The wedding of Praveena & Arthavan’s was taken by Beautiful Life Asian Wedding Videos at The Garden Room in Syon Park, London. Enjoy. Continue reading

Adnan and Safaa’s wedding

Today I have the lovely modern muslim wedding of Adnan and Safaa. How gorgeous is Safaa’s stunning wedding dress? Amazing. I haven’t featured a muslim wedding on the blog yet and I am so excited to. I honestly don’t know much about them and I’m looking forward to learning more and more through real weddings and the help from the SWB community.
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What to wear to an Indian Wedding

If you are attending an Indian wedding  or a wedding of a culture that you may not be familiar with, you might be wondering what is acceptable to wear. It is an eye opener when you attend these type of weddings because you get to see how people in that specific culture have their wedding ceremony. What I love about all weddings is the joy and celebrations in the wedding traditions and how couples customise their wedding to their own taste. If you know anything about Indian weddings, you will know it’s not a one day event, the celebrations can last for a whole week! A post on Gujarati weddings explained will give you an insight to some of their wedding traditions. Continue reading

South Asian Bridal & Formal Wear

For a while I have had the photograph (above) on my vision board in my bedroom, I love everything about that photo. The pose, lighting, models and the location. Most specifically the colour co-ordination of the ‘bride and groom’. It’s on my board because that is the vision I have in my head when it comes to my big wedding day…

So when I came across the original source of the photo, of course I had to blog about it. It comes from CTC West - a boutique based in Woodbridge, Ontario! Find below some information about their custom couture experience.

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