What to wear to an Indian Wedding

If you are attending an Indian wedding  or a wedding of a culture that you may not be familiar with, you might be wondering what is acceptable to wear. It is an eye opener when you attend these type of weddings because you get to see how people in that specific culture have their wedding ceremony. What I love about all weddings is the joy and celebrations in the wedding traditions and how couples customise their wedding to their own taste. If you know anything about Indian weddings, you will know it’s not a one day event, the celebrations can last for a whole week! A post on Gujarati weddings explained will give you an insight to some of their wedding traditions. Continue reading

South Asian Bridal & Formal Wear

For a while I have had the photograph (above) on my vision board in my bedroom, I love everything about that photo. The pose, lighting, models and the location. Most specifically the colour co-ordination of the ‘bride and groom’. It’s on my board because that is the vision I have in my head when it comes to my big wedding day…

So when I came across the original source of the photo, of course I had to blog about it. It comes from CTC West - a boutique based in Woodbridge, Ontario! Find below some information about their custom couture experience.

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Isolation or Inclusion? - Soul mates seeking happiness

Views, interpretations and beliefs on love and marriage vary around the world, but what happens when love strikes between two people from different communities, faiths or cultures, can love still prevail? 

After the fun, games and laughter of ‘courtship’, enjoying all that you have in common and all that is different, you wake up one day and realise that “this is it”; you’ve found your life partner, the love of your life, your soul mate. But when things take a more serious footing and conversations turn to marriage, interfaith relationships can start to look and feel like the odds are stacked up against them. Continue reading

Asian Designer Wear

Sharons Couture are specialists in Asian designer wear, bespoke bridal wear & tailoring dressmakers. Sharon’s Couture thrives on its attention to detail, providing the highest quality of designs & specialising with a inhouse design team that will help create your dream wedding outfit for your special day. They formed Sharons Couture a couple of years with introduction of Haré Dhami, whom re-invented the brand & brought into the 21st century as a luxury household name, formerly it was started by Sharon as a side line hobby but on a much smaller scale. Continue reading