Andrew proposes to Sarah

I am super excited to present the proposal story of Andrew and Sarah. They are both from Melbourne, Australia and Andrew had visited the UK a couple of times to play cricket which is how I met him.  Andrew is a qualified builder and works for eastrise construction doing renovations and extensions. Sarah is qualified in children’s services and works at an early learning centre, currently in the toddler room. Their story is so cute so I’d advise getting a drink, get comfortable and read on… Continue reading

Tom proposes to Sally

This is such an interesting story! So recently I held a competition on the blog after launching the Secret Wedding Shop to win a pair of SarSar earrings and the lucky winner was Sally! I emailed asking for her address so I could post her the earrings and we got talking. Sally had said:

“What a strange small world…. Just looked on your blog and saw your feature about Jon Vogel.

 My boyfriend happens to be working with him in Afghanistan right now! They share a room (with several other men - lovely!)

 I’ve never met him but recognised the name. How strange!”

I was gobsmacked! I had just launched the proposals section and had featured Laura and Jon’s proposal before Jon was deployed back to 6 months in Afghan. Instantly, I connected Sally and Laura together and ever since then they have been chatting about their men and planning their weddings! Continue reading

Jon Proposes to Laura

I am so excited to announce the engagement of Jon Vogel and Laura Knight, I personally know this couple and they are just so right for each other. Laura tells Secret Wedding Blog about their journey so far…

How they met

They have been together just over 4 and a half years and met through Facebook!

” Jon was in Afghanistan with Bill Wortley at the time, apparently they were looking at photos of me and Bill. Then Bill told Jon to add me on Facebook- we were talking for probably 5 months before we met, then started sending each other parcels and letters!” Continue reading