2013 - A Year of Reflection

At the end of May 2013 is when I first set up secret wedding blog. The month before my cousin had passed away so suddenly and left unbearable heartbreak. Confused, angry at God as to why he had to take my cousin away. Why him? When he was the perfect friend, brother, son, nephew, grandson. My heart still aches when I think about him every day. Continue reading

When your friend gets engaged

You may know what this post is about, the clue is in the title. Let’s start from the top.

I have known my best friends since primary school, there are 7 of us including myself and my twin sister. I (in my cool younger age) named us ‘The Possy’ and since then it has stuck. We were known as the ‘good girls’ at school, not ones to mess around, weren’t too into boys in our younger years, underage drinking wasn’t our interest, we focused on work and I guess it paid off. The possy consists of teachers, solicitors, lawyers, motivational coaches and web developers, not bad hey? Continue reading

What Bollywood can teach you

I’m such a hopeless romantic, maybe it’s because I have been brought up watching Bollywood and Disney films. I love a hero in a film, usually a love story where the two can’t be together, but have to fight or go through something in order to finally reach each other. I can say I honestly do sob at these movies, when you get so engrossed into the characters, or especially when you can relate it back to your own love story. In Bollywood films, they all have a similar storyline, boy meets girl, can’t be together due to different religion, money, class etc, but they always make it to each other in the end. (Apart from Tere Naam - do not watch that if you’re already feeling a bit low!) Continue reading