Incredible Chalkboard Art

#WeddingHour is how I initially connected with Hannah. I was immediately blown away with how incredible her work was and knew that I wanted her to do a piece for me. Hannah is a chalkboard artist and designer based in Birmingham. She creates beautiful bespoke designs for businesses, weddings and other special occasions by combining traditional sign writing techniques with digital media to make lovely designs, specific to the client at reasonable prices. I asked Hannah to do a bespoke piece for me that said ‘And I think to myself, what a wonderful world’. I wanted this for when I eventually move into my flat as I think it is such a lovely quote that instantly reminds me of the song - What a wonderful world by Louis Armstrong. I am absolutely delighted with! It’s exactly what I wanted and she was so lovely and patient to work with!

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Wedding Tea Towels

I came across Karen’s tea towels on twitter and I was immediately fascinated. How unique, handmade custom wedding tea towels! They are perfect to use as invites, save the dates or wedding favours. You can choose from her range of designs or if that doesn’t do it for you, you can even have you own bespoke tea towel designed!

You may be wondering how this idea came about. Way back in 2009, Karen and Ben got married and wanted something extra for their wedding invitation. Something to create a buzz around their wedding, cheaper than the standard paper options, good for the environment and something guests could keep forever…and that is when they created the ‘Wedding Tea Towel’.

Their guests were genuinely blown away and the response was totally amazing. It became one of the most memorable thing about their wedding. So after they got married, they both wondered if maybe the idea was good enough to make a little business out of, so that’s exactly what they did. Now they have 18 designs to choose from and also provide matching artwork for evening invites, RSVPs and Information cards.

A new idea which is equally as good for the environment, as you do not need to spend money on invites that people will throw away. These tea towels can be kept forever.

Another plus is that your guests will never forever your anniversary! With the Tea Towel hanging around your kitchen for years to come, guests have no excuse for forgetting your wedding anniversary.

Finally, this creates a buzz. The responses you will receive will be epic as everyone is going to have an opinion on your invite and they can’t wait to get in touch to tell you, this makes RSVP’s so much easier.

Check out some of their work below and if you want to get in touch with Karen, you can find her on:-

facebook -

twitter -@weddingteatowel

Visit her website here: -

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