Personalised Wedding Stationery

Chris and Katie White, founders of Myrtle and May -  create beautiful designs for digitally printed wedding stationery.

Katie tells us their story…

“We met at university back in 2001, where we were both on the same Graphic Design BA Hons course in the beautiful city of Bath.  We have been together for nearly twelve years now, married for six and we have two children.

How they started

Our original concept was to offer digitally printed and personalised wedding stationery to couples at affordable prices.  The reason that affordability is so important to us, is because we married on a tight budget ourselves and so we can sympathize with those in a similar situation.   Currently we’re offering a design only service which can be printed by the couple at home or via a printers of their choice.  Our only request is that a small donation is made to Marie Curie Cancer Care, via a charity page called ‘Losing the Louboutins’ or ‘@Lthel_13’ (who we met via Twitter).

We’re more than happy to support a cause like Marie Curie cancer care, as we all know someone who has been affected by cancer.  The Losing the Louboutins are cousins Natasha and Kerrie who are raising money for Marie Curie by treking across the Sahara in October and so well deserve my huge admiration.

Why they love what they do

Ever since our own wedding back in 2006, I still get excited at the prospect of a wedding.  I love all that a wedding entails. As well as the fact that people are excited and happy (and so a pleasure to work with), I also love the flowers and the endless colour combinations.  Being Graphic Design graduates Chris and I both love to create.  To be able to combine both passions is a joy.

The future

Currently Myrtle and May is a non-profitable business as we’re directing funds to the Losing the Louboutins, but our goal for the future is to continue to produce work that makes the happy couple…well, happy!  and once the Losing the Louboutins have raised their £4000 target then we hope to grow the company and begin to turn a profit.”

If you want to know more about Myrtle and May - please view their website here

You can also connect with them on facebook  and twitter

Baking your own wedding cake

Meet the bride who is baking her own wedding cake!

Jen from Unique Cake Creations, in Kent, tells us her story.

“I have always been into baking, and was often found with my sister on a Sunday afternoon baking rock cakes or fairy cakes until I think our parents were fed up with them! But it wasn’t until about 5 years ago, when I really started to decorate cakes & wanted to learn more. My partner had taken up running & was training for marathons so was often out running for hours & I was looking to find something to occupy me, when my partner’s mum suggested that I joined the local sugar art club. My very first week was making a bride & I’ve been hooked ever since! I have even now started to demonstrate & run workshops at the club to show others. I spent the next few years making cakes for friends & family & have learnt so much since the very first one. I love every cake I make & always love a challenge! I always make every cake different even if its based on a previous design. Earlier this year, I decided to get my business registered & I’m now up & running part time around my day job - it’s hard work but worth it when I see the reactions that my cakes get! My partner & I have been together for 10 years & last year, we decided to get married. Now my biggest challenge is our cake! This will be my first proper wedding cake, having only done small ones before or just bride & groom toppers but I can’t wait!”

If you want to get in touch with Jen, you can connect with her on:- All the best to Jen on her wedding day next month, and looking forward to hearing how it all goes! :)

Happy Father’s Day!

To celebrate Father’s day, we have rounded up a few of our favourite photographs of brides and father of the brides. Take a look below and let us know what you think. Happy Father’s Day!

Wedding Dresses

After featuring some weddings here on our blog, we are looking at all the wedding dresses our brides have worn. It is great because each and every wedding dress we have featured is completely different and unique. Please take a look and let us know what you think. We will be continuously adding to this page.


How to give a tailor made Groom’s speech

We interviewed Lawrie Brand on his experience of giving his grooms speech.

1) How early did you start preparing your speech?

I think I was very early planning my speech. Luckily I have a job which I get a fair amount of downtime and started about 8 months before hand. Needless to say I didn’t want to forget anything or mess up.

2) What criteria do you need to include?

Things I considered essential were thanking everyone for their attendance, thanking the people who have contributed to the wedding, thanking parents and particular singling out my wife as it was her special day. I tried to make it as light hearted and meaningful, touch a few heart strings where possible. Humour was essential to my speech as I wanted people to have a giggle and enjoy.

3) What should you avoid talking about?

I avoided any deep and serious things. Sure I got a bit of emotion across, but nothing I wouldn’t say to people on a day-to-day basis. I wanted people to relax and enjoy it, I didn’t want anything shocking or jaw-dropping in my speech. Nothing crude or below the belt, leave that to the best man.

4) How long do you recommend a grooms speech to be?

I believe my speech was 9 minutes. Originally I aimed for between 8 and 10 minutes. Which is the right amount of time to keep people’s attention if it’s good and if it’s not you only start to lose a few people’s attention when they start to realise it’s the worst speech they’ve heard.

5) How nervous were you before the speech?

I was too busy on the day to be nervous, making sure everything goes well, eating, drinking and making sure I spent some time with as many people as possible. I only got nervous as my Father-in-law finished his speech as he had previously told me his final line. So when I heard that I thought ‘Oh crap, it’s me!!’.

6) What tips and advice would you give future grooms to be?

The only advice I’d give is not to worry too much because everyone at your wedding is rooting for you, wishing you to do well. There is nobody there wanting you to fail…except maybe your future in-laws if they think you’re not worthy of their daughter ;)

7) Finally, the video below shows you giving your speech, when watching this back, how does this make you feel?

It makes me realise how short I am and maybe I should have got out and stood in front of the table…Seriously though it makes me very happy and reminds me of the amazing day I had with my friends and family, truly unbeatable and unforgetable!