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Lots of women picture their wedding day from the time when they were just little girls dreaming about their Prince Charming. Perfect wedding includes many elements: wedding dress, complete wedding look, wedding reception, sitting of the guests, band and the music, and of course, last but not the least important: the wedding cake. Continue reading

Stephanie Almeida Cakes

We have a cake feature on Stephanie Almeida - named after the owner. They are a bespoke cake company based in Buckinghamshire and they make celebration cakes, cupcakes and also tiered wedding cakes. Find out more about them below!

Could you tell us how you got started?

Stephanie Almeida is a trained pastry chef and chocolatier, she underwent formal training at Westminster Kingsway college and apprenticed with one of the best patissier/chocolatiers in London; William Curley.
After decided to focus on cakes Stephanie went to work for one of the best cake companies in London; Beas of Bloomsbury, before deciding to start her own business with her partner Stephen Glenister, who is also a trained pastry chef.

 What makes you unique?

We specialise in making cakes using Italian buttercream.

This essentially means that our icings aren’t as sweet as traditional ‘American’ icing, and they have a lot more flavour than the regal icing that is normally used to cover wedding cakes.

It also means we can be a lot more creative with the design on the wedding cakes - why have a smooth cake with sugar flowers or a ribbon when everyone does that? Let your imagination take over and design a cake to suit you!

 What are your goals for the future?

In the future we plan to open our own shop, we have had such a positive feedback from everyone that has tried our cakes that we can’t help but believe we will be successful!

We also want to branch into the speciality chocolate market and we are also planning on launching a macaroon range. These are all really far in the future though!

It would just be nice to get into a few more local markets over the next year or so!

Why people should hire your business?

Nowadays cake companies seem to be popping up all over the place most often, I believe, started by people who got caught up in BBC bake-off fever! This has produced some interesting, if not always delicious, results…

We are working in a demanding and saturated market and only the best will survive. This means that we have to know what we are doing and we have to be ‘at the top of our game’.

Our buttercream style means that you will have a truly unique cake that is fully customisable.

Our past experience working in this industry means that we know how to manipulate our ingredients to draw out the best flavours and ensure that our cakes taste as good if not better than any other cakes on the market today. Our cakes will create a real talking point at your wedding or event that we know your guests will love and remember.

Costs and Pricing

Using buttercream instead of regal icing means that we can afford to lower our prices a bit which is perfect in this economic climate.

Our cakes work out at roughly half the price of a traditional regal icing covered cake and considering that they look just as good and taste twice as good (no bias!) you can save a bit of money and no one will be any the wiser!

You can view their website on:

And connect with them on twitter

Jane Rose Cakes

Exquisite cake creations with a twist of fashion styling mixed in. Meet Jane!

Luxurious local ingredients & delicious recipes combine with a passion for fashion and perfection, to create unique and highly desirable wedding cakes.

Luxurious local ingredients & delicious recipes combine with a passion for fashion and perfection, to create unique and highly desirable wedding cakes.
Living in London and gaining a Masters in Fashion from the Royal College of Art, Jane kindly declined the offers of work from some of the biggest fashion names in Paris and London, to return home to Anglesey. Surrounded by the landscapes and the people that she loves and is inspired by, Jane turned her fashion eye to occasion cakes.

Jane began baking professionally in 2009, and has recently established JANE ROSE Cakes. Jane is an accomplished professional sugar craft artist, and has already been awarded a coveted Gold 2* Great Taste Award in 2012, and has many well known clients across the country, coming to her for her original and beautiful creations.

Jane Rose Cakes

Whether it’s quintessential romance, contemporary chic or classic elegance that you are looking for, Jane works closely alongside her clients to create bespoke and unique designs.

With Anglesey and North Wales boasting some of the finest food and drink in the UK, JANE ROSE Cakes are dedicated to using as many fresh, pure and local ingredients as possible; from locally grown organic fruit and vegetables, to Anglesey eggs, Halen Mon sea salt and organic Welsh dairy, each element is carefully selected and sourced.

Combining fashion styling with delicious recipes, JANE ROSE Cakes are dedicated to quality and perfection in every cake they make. Top end design and ingredients. The best of both Worlds… cake.

bottles and cupcakes

To view more of her work, you can connect with her on twitter and facebook or visit her website on

Cupcake photography - taken by Fiona Pitts-

Cutesy Cakes

We saw Sophia’s cakes on twitter and thought they were incredible and wanted to help her get noticed. So we interviewed her, see what she has to say below.

Tell us a bit about yourself

I’m 24, live in London Maida Vale. I went to The Arts Educational School of London, where I studied art and dance for 7 years. Art was always my strong point from a young age, I remember I used to spend hours at the weekend and after school just paper-mâchéing and painting! My mum must have run out of places to put them! I have just started making my cakes as a career. I am currently working with The Princes Trust to help me create my  dream into reality! They are amazing, and their support has really given me a boost of confidence!

 Tell us how Cutesy Cakes began?

Cutesy cakes literally started as a hobby about 18months ago, I was making cakes for friends and family, while I was a childminder for 3 years, my last childminding job finish about 3/4 months ago, so that’s when I thought I’m going to make my cakes my new career as I love it so much!

Your cakes are incredibly detailed - how much time does it involve in making them?

I love making my cakes as detailed and as different as possible! So I am always willing to put as many hours as I possibly can into them, they normally take about 4 days from baking to finish :) it takes time to make the decorations to dry/ paint and put together, that’s what takes a lot of my time up :) I am normally working into the night, way past midnight most days and often wonder if I’m going to go crazy! But it’s alway worth it and satisfying when you see the finished result!

Do you do cakes for weddings too?

I have made only 1 wedding cake! I loved making it too as it was not like your normal style wedding cake, the customer wanted it to be vintage pin up and tattoo themed! So much fun for my first wedding cake, I’m dying to do another! You can really make an impact with a wedding design even if it is really simple and modern, it’s probably one of the most important cakes that anybody will buy so attention to detail is a must! I would love to bag another! :)

What has been the highlight of your work?

My highlight… I’ve had a few! Haha I was asked to make cupcakes and giant cupcakes for Liz Black fashion label for London Fashion Week, there were about 300 in total, and thought I would have to take a lot of them home as I didn’t think many people would be bothered to eat, but I was wrong! They were all completely gone in half an hour! So I was left there for the remaining hours with just my business cards and a portfolio! I couldn’t believe people loved them so much and all afternoon people were coming to find me to say they tasted delish! Through that event I then had an article written about me and my cakes for Ikon London Magazine. I made 5 cakes for the shoot which impressed the journalist as he didn’t expect me to bring so many! :) and then this week I got a tweet from Duff Goldman from Ace of Cakes for my Death Star cake! His quote “the force is strong with you!” That was amazing! :D

Have you faced any lows - and if so how did you overcome them?

I’m dyslexic! Last year I made a cake for a friend and accidentally forgot to add the “H” in birthday!! Luckily she didn’t mind but I definitely learnt from it and alway have someone check, and if no one is around I check, check and check again!! :D

7) What does the future hold for Cutesy cakes?

Who knows!!! Big things I hope! I am always looking for new ideas and inspiration for my designs and make my cakes bigger and better than the last, I love it when I’m asked to make a cake that I haven’t done before or is a bit different, I normally have to stop my imagination running away with me! Lol

To view more of her work, you can connect with Sophia on facebook and on twitter

Cath Kidston Inspired Shoot

From it’s humble beginnings as a small shop in Holland Park in 1993, Cath Kidston has grown into one of the best known British brands. It excels in making practical cheerful products for the home with designs often sporting a distinctive modern vintage look of pastel polka dots and floral motifs, particularly the rose.

To help them celebrate 20 amazing years in business, Elizabeth’s Cake Emporium has designed an amazing colourful cake table featuring tiered cakes, mini cakes, cake wedges, cupcakes, vintage china and cake stands. Continue reading