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Khush Magazine

I was more than pleased when I was sent a copy of Khush magazine to review on Secret Wedding Blog. I had it for a while but didn’t have the time to get round to reading it properly. Seeing as they wanted my thoughts, the least I could do was to give it my full attention. Khush magazine was launched in April 2013 and is one of the fastest growing magazines in their sector reaching over 175,000 readers nationwide and counting!2

Starting up a magazine

We know Lorraine from twitter and are more than happy to share her story of how she started up her own wedding magazine! We hope this inspires other people out there who are thinking about starting up their own magazine too. Please feel free to share your comments below too! “Originally both myself & my husband were from around the Nottingham area, although Mark moved to Desborough, Northamptonshire with his parents while he was still at school. We didn’t meet until 2004, then two years later I moved in with Mark, from my home in Nottingham to live in Rothwell. We got married in 2008 at the Benefield Wheatsheaf in Upper...
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