Nichole and Josh’s Wedding

Nichole and Josh’s wedding took place at The Ancient Spanish Monastery in Miami, Florida. It’s one of the most beautiful weddings I’ve seen. Everything complimented each other. Nichole’s wedding dress is so pretty and the bridesmaids dresses colours are such lovely shades of blush pink. Their cream bouquets of roses match the dresses so well as it highlights both colours. My favourite photo of the groom and the groomsmen is the one where they are all laughing, they look so great in their matching suits, with Josh’s bow tie being the odd one out of course.  Continue reading

A beautiful Sikh & Muslim wedding

I had been looking for a Sikh and Muslim wedding for a while to see how they combined both cultures and ceremonies. As they are rare weddings, I’m really glad that I stumbled upon it on Jackie and Hani had a three day event at the luxury 5* Fairmount hotel in San Jose - San Francisco.

The first day took place at the bride’s house for the Vatna or Haldi ceremony, where yellow paste made of Tumeric and mustard oil is applied to the skin to make the bride more beautiful and radiant for her wedding day. This is also known as the mayian. Following this, the mehndi night begins where mehndi (henna) is applied to the bride’s hands and feet. The darker the henna the better it looks so it is kept on usually for most of the night. Continue reading

Miriam & Prabhas’ wedding

Today I have the wedding of Miriam and Prabhas. They were married in the lovely Graeme Park just outside Philadelphia. They had a Nepali wedding ceremony and then this outdoor ceremony, I have the latter to share with you. It’s lovely to incorporate and have two wedding ceremonies, best of both worlds as I always say. The photography was by de nueva photography who was kind enough to let me share this wedding for you all. The veil that Miriam wore was her grandmother’s veil - such a lovely sentiment. Continue reading

All About Eve Photography

A while ago, I reached out on twitter about boudoir photography and if anyone knew any photographers who provide this. I was pointed in the direction of Kate from All About Eve Photography.

All About Eve is outdoor boudoir photography to celebrate your natural style and femininity! I’d personally never heard of that which is what intrigued me to find out more.

All About Eve captures your inner and outer beauty naturally, regardless of age and size. It all starts the moment you book! All About Eve is a once in a lifetime experience, so enjoy the journey! Continue reading

Paul and Navdeeps Wedding

Ah a multi-cultural wedding! My favourite. The ability to have two ceremonies combining each traditions from the brides and groom’s side. Being a Sikh myself, I know that not all Gurdwaras allow inter-faith weddings which makes me so angry. It’s just like always dreaming of getting married in a Church and wearing a big white dress, but because you fell in love with someone outside of your religion, your Church won’t allow it. What’s the crime? I digress.

So I am super excited to show off this beautiful real wedding of Paul and Navdeep. Continue reading