Paul and Navdeeps Wedding

Ah a multi-cultural wedding! My favourite. The ability to have two ceremonies combining each traditions from the brides and groom’s side. Being a Sikh myself, I know that not all Gurdwaras allow inter-faith weddings which makes me so angry. It’s just like always dreaming of getting married in a Church and wearing a big white dress, but because you fell in love with someone outside of your religion, your Church won’t allow it. What’s the crime? I digress.

So I am super excited to show off this beautiful real wedding of Paul and Navdeep. Continue reading

Lucy Hannah Photography

How Lucy got started in photography

Lucy has always been a creative person, when she found photography it was like something clicked. She loved it and knew a career in photography was what she wanted. She dabbled in different types of photography from small events to studio portraits, but they didn’t excite her. She had always had a soft spot for weddings and the perfectionist inside her loved all the planning and details, so when she thought about becoming a wedding photographer, it got her so excited that she realised there wasn’t another option for her! Continue reading

10 tips to create a memorable photo

…with propbooth!

Earlier this year, Greg and Jenna set up propbooth – a pop up photo booth suitable for all events including weddings, birthdays and family parties.

A propbooth photo isn’t your standard photo - it requires a little pizazz! Here are their 10 top tips to creating a memorable propbooth picture and ensuring the fun continues long after the event ends:

1. Choose your prop(s)

And choose wisely… will you play it safe or go for the wackiest prop you can find?  Picture your Nan wearing a Mardi Gras headdress. Enough said! propbooth has hundreds of props to choose from including moustaches, hats, glasses, masks, accessories, message boards and frames.

2. Always remember: A mous-tache is must-have!

Well, it’s not essential – but we think there’s nothing better than a moustache prop to create that retro-vintage look.

3. Solo pose or team effort?

This is a tricky one - do you dare to do a solo pose? Actually, many people do, but it’s usually in the second half of the event when guests are feeling slightly more relaxed. At the beginning of events its normally groups posing in the propbooth, so why not pluck up the courage and go solo before everyone else… you will have the pick of the props.

4. Have fun

You’ll end up with the most hilarious pictures with tons of personality, and these are the ones you will treasure forever.

5. Strike a pose

But remember that a little movement is great too – so pop a party popper, blow some bubbles or throw some confetti… doing this creates a little depth in your picture and won’t look static.

6. Get close

If you are posing in a group, squish up together and get rid of gaps. You may not get along with that cousin twice removed - but this is a party and you’re having fun, so get over it!

7. Stick around

Stay put after the first shot so we can take a second, or a third, or a fourth… At propbooth you can have as many pictures as you like - we may capture something brilliant and having a choice of photos is always better.

8. Get a keyring

Got a great picture? Then why not have it turned into a keyring (or fridge magnet). These can be printed instantly at the event giving you a memory to take home and show off to your friends – or to give to someone as a nice little gift.

9. Share your photo

There’s no point having your photo taken if no-one is going to see it! propbooth upload event photos to a private gallery after the event for everyone to have a giggle at. You could even add your favourites to facebook or twitter – you might even find a new profile picture!

10. Book for your event

You’ve seen how much fun guests can have in the propbooth, so why not book for your event too? propbooth offers packages from just £200 and all of them include a free photo book! To find our more and book for your event, please contact Greg or Jenna at [email protected] or visit them at