Paul and Navdeeps Wedding

Ah a multi-cultural wedding! My favourite. The ability to have two ceremonies combining each traditions from the brides and groom’s side. Being a Sikh myself, I know that not all Gurdwaras allow inter-faith weddings which makes me so angry. It’s just like always dreaming of getting married in a Church and wearing a big white dress, but because you fell in love with someone outside of your religion, your Church won’t allow it. What’s the crime? I digress.

So I am super excited to show off this beautiful real wedding of Paul and Navdeep. Continue reading

Shoot It Yourself


We are admirers of the work of Shoot It Yourself. You may have heard about them from Dragons Den? After several auditions and meetings with producer’s they were summoned into the Den on 4th June 2011 and after a confident pitch they walked out with investment from the new dragon, Hilary Devey.

So if you haven’t heard of them, let us tell you a bit about Shoot It Yourself.

The company was set up by Andrea and Becs when they decided to give up their careers as TV directors. They were both planning their weddings at the time and were surprised to find that there weren’t many wedding videographer’s making fun, personal and unique videos! Having directed loads of BBC3 and MTV ‘youff’ programmes with ‘home video’ footage they knew the intimacy that could be achieved by giving people professional video cameras…weddings were a no brainer!

The process consists of four simple stages

1) Shoot It Yourself deliver the cameras to you
2) They show you what and how to film
3) You film it
4) And finally they edit it

Couldn’t be simpler hey?

Why we love it?

We love the fact that you can have fun while filming! Not everyone wants to be filmed and especially for those who are shy of the camera, they are more open to someone who they are familiar with. This idea is very unique that it is exciting!

Another massive plus is the take on asian weddings. Now those who have been to asian weddings understand that it’s not just a one day event! It’s a whole wonderful week of celebrations which is why they have an ‘Asian shoot it yourself’ package. For more details click here.

Their Cameras

At Shoot It Yourself have invested in an impressive fleet of 20 broadcast quality Sony MC50 cameras! Each of their cameras film in fantastic high definition so you’ll be able to capture all the smiling, laughing and crying with uninterrupted quality. Not only is the picture quality brilliant, but the on camera directional microphone picks up EVERYTHING, and we mean everything. They’ll be no hiding when the rude comments start flowing during the speeches and even throughout the ceremony you’ll be able capture the all important “I do’s”.

Watching all the videos gets us more and more excited and it really is a fun and emotional experience!
To find out more visit their website on:-
You can also connect with them on facebook and twitter!

Van Rensburg Films

Van Rensburg Films was started in 2008 by Stefan and Nadine van Rensburg.  They have always had a passion for filming and could not think of anything better than capturing the joy and emotion of wedding days.  They believe that no style is ideal and use a mixture of cinematic and documentary styles. Scroll down below to watch their videos!

This allows freedom of creativity without compromise to the real day feel of the footage.  Music, pace, expert cuts and fades are key.  Special effects are often overused and can be a cheap cover up that will age badly over time.

Van Rensburg Films offer one basic package that will cover a wedding day perfectly with some optional added extras.  They always have two videographers and three or four cameras during the ceremony and speeches to be enable filming from various angles, which makes the edit far more interesting. Due to licensing restrictions, they choose the song for the wedding trailer.  The couple supply a selection of songs for the highlights edit.

“Nothing compares to the buzz we feel at the end of a great wedding day and the reactions of thrilled couples watching their film.  “


Stefan and Nadine are based in Leamington Spa, Warwickshire. They love discovering new places and have filmed as far as Suffolk, London and Cape Town!

The Future

“We continually strive to stay ahead with the latest equipment and software.  This will always be the case as we endeavour to offer our couples the best service that we can.  We’ve often been asked for advice by budding wedding videographers so we may look at offering tutoring in the future.”

To find out more please view their website on:-

Twitter:- @VRWeddingFilms