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Chinese and Vietnamese – Indian Wedding

The wedding of Cheryl and Rahul is a very multicultural one! Cheryl comes from a traditional Chinese family and Rahul’s background is a mix of both Vietnamese and Indian. Some of the experiences of the day included door games, bride bargaining, paying respects to ancestors, and of course, the traditional Western ceremony, this day had it all.

For each ceremony and reception, Cheryl had a new dress for almost every event. Such a lovely way to be able to fit in outfit changes for each ceremony or event. Even Rahul went through a few wardrobe changes throughout the day.

Through the rain, through the stressfully jam-packed schedule, through all the ups and downs that accompany any wedding,  you can clearly witness how strong Cheryl & Rahul’s love for one another is. rf weddings captured all the beautiful traditions and made this wedding video so desirable to watch over and over again.

Beautiful wedding videography by rf weddings


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