Custom wedding cake toppers

Lots of women picture their wedding day from the time when they were just little girls dreaming about their Prince Charming. Perfect wedding includes many elements: wedding dress, complete wedding look, wedding reception, sitting of the guests, band and the music, and of course, last but not the least important: the wedding cake.

Wedding cake has particular importance for the wedding, as much as the look of the bride. There is this perfect moment when wedding cake is brought into the reception hall and when bride and the groom cut the first piece. This has certain romantic significance and it is indeed a special moment for the couple and the guests. This is probably better part of the importance behind the wedding cake and justification why the bride wants the wedding cake to be beautiful.

There is an individual preference what makes the perfect wedding cake, but it all turns around few elements:

•    Outlook and size of the wedding cake (number of floors)
•    Taste of the cake: layers and cream, and of course
•    Wedding cake decorations

Decorations are element that can “make or break” the wedding cake. Decorations and way how they are put on the wedding cake can change complete outlook of it. With this in mind, brides are these days innovative and quite specific about what type of decorations they want. Most popular are custom cake toppers. Many couples choose personalised cake bobble custom wedding toppers that truly put a personal mark on the wedding cake.hiking cake toppers

Such cake toppers are created individually for every couple, with their personal desire in the mind. Although these are a bit more costly than standard wedding cake toppers, custom cake toppers will give your wedding cake real individual feel and look, and will add special touch to your wedding cake-so they are definitely our recommendation. Custom cake toppers are created and designed by our creative confectioners and quality is indeed impeccable, both from the visual side and from the flavour and quality side.

Weddings Cake Toppers can express your individuality and creativity, and show your guests part of your personality that they have not seen yet. Maybe you will choose a theme that that will cause laugh among the guests and show your funny side. On the other side, if you are an interracial couple, it will seem only logical to choose one of sweet and perfectly designed interracial cake toppers.

Thank you to Memory Dolls for this article for SWB. I genuinely love the detail and how accurate the cake toppers are matched to the photo provided. A great way to customise your wedding cake and to even better to keep after your wedding! View more details on their website.

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