An Extensive Range of Wedding Stationery


About Paper Themes

I can’t emphasise how much I LOVE the Paper Themes website. It’s so inviting, well designed and easy to navigate. They offer a range of products from wedding stationery, wedding favours, wedding accessories and gifts and greeting cards.

When I said I wanted to write about their products, they immediately asked if I wanted a selection of sample of their invitations. How fabulous. I had personally never heard or seen of any companies that provide samples at a mere cost. This is such a good idea especially as it gives you an idea exactly of how the invitations look, feel and open!

Paper Themes samples

What I love about  the Paper Themes wedding invitations is the fact that they are all so unique! Each sample I received is so different from the other. You know when you have so much choice and you can’t choose? Yeah, I’m having that with these invitations!


A fun way that Paper Themes organises their wedding invitations is by categories. This is really handy if your wedding already has a theme and you know exactly what you want. Even if you don’t know, you can still have a browse around and see which takes your fancy! {I was getting slightly excited about what wedding invitations I’d choose - but that’s a while yet ;-) } I have taken one sample from each category to show you their variety in choice.

Traditional Wedding Invitations

Traditional wedding invitation

Vintage Wedding Invitations

Vintage Wedding Invitations

Contemporary Wedding Invitations

Contemporary yellow flowers invitation


Classic Wedding Invitations

Classic wedding invitation

Designer Wedding Invitations



Laser Cut Wedding Invitations

Laser Cut wedding invitations


Modern Wedding Invitations

Modern Wedding Invitation

Letterpress Wedding Invitations

Letterpress wedding invitation


Pocketfold Wedding Invitation

Pocketfold wedding invitations


Christmas Wedding Invitations

Christmas wedding invitation


Unusual Wedding Invitations

Fairground wedding invitation

As you can see, there are already a number of great designs and this is only one per category! I’d definitely recommend having a browse on their website. They also offer a range of save the date cards, RSVPS, menus, place cards, evening invitations and everything you need for your wedding. It’s great because all of this can be fit in with the same theme of your wedding invitations. Take a look at their facebook and twitter pages too, they are very active on them!

Also they have provided an infograph on colour trends - not to be missed!

Please leave your comments below and tell me which one is your favourite! :-)

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