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There can be times when you have a successful blogging period and then it comes to a bit of a standstill. It can be hard to get out of this feeling especially finding the solution. This can occur for a number of reasons. Work, family, health, content issues and so on. Whatever your reason is, it’s okay to go through this.

I am writing this post because I have just been through a phase where I have felt like that. It may not show on the blog, or it may, I’ll let you decide that. But I have felt it and had been talking to my mum about it.

I tend to write blog posts during the week and not so much at the weekends. Strange really, when I’m coding away Monday to Friday, 8-5, I prefer to blog during the week. After I’ve finished work, I head straight to the gym for an hour, then after dinner my evening begins. At the weekends, I try to put my phone, ipad and macbook away and enjoy my two precious days off. You’ll notice how active I am on social media during the week compared to the weekend!

It’s not that long when you think about it, I’d love to have more time to blog, but then I must remember to maintain a work/family/blog/love life balance. Who else has found it hard to maintain this balance? We have all been there, it’s going through it and finding out what works for you, is the best solution.

Surely your blog shouldn’t be a chore? I agree.


Photography by Laura Jane photography

When I first started my blog, it was through my excitement and ambition. This still remains, after a week or two of slow blog posts, it has still been on my mind. I have passionately craved posting content everyday but the content hasn’t been there. I didn’t want to post nonsense for the sake of posting. I want to ensure I post relevant and desirable content for my readers. Which I hope would be appreciated.

As you can tell, I am always thinking about my blog. How can I improve it? What can I do this week? What I can post on social media?

Having a slow period has been a great lesson. It has allowed me to step back for a few days to fully analyse the situation. Am I still blogging for myself? Am I comparing myself too much to other bloggers? Am I making enough effort with my friends? To answer these questions, yes and no.

Falling in love with blogging again is a great thing. I feel like I am BACK and focusing on content more than ever. The directory is up and running which is being populated more and more, so keep an eye out for that. Even though the world cup is on and taking up my time at the moment, it comes every 4 years so it deserves to be enjoyed!

How have you fallen in love with blogging again? Do you have blog breaks? If so, how do you make your recovery?

3 Comments Fall in love with blogging again

  1. Jo (SummerLove)

    I think we all go through it from time to time, it is the natural peaks and troughs of working with our passions! Sometimes between weddings I don’t pick up my camera and have a complete break but try to plan something creative just for me. It really helps! Jo x

    1. RajRaj

      I agree with you Jo. It’s interesting to see how each individual comes out of it. Loved the photos of Scott and Laura’s wedding. I went to school with Scott so it was really lovely to see the snaps!

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