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The secret has a few meanings:

  • The main Secret to Secret Wedding Blog is when I had a secret boyfriend for years. I kept him secret because we were/are in an interfaith relationship
  • When I started the blog, it was kept a secret for a while
  • When some couples are dating outside of their culture/faith/race they may have to keep their relationship a secret
  • My young cousin, Bobby Dorka, bonded over The Secret book before he passed away
Is it The Secret Wedding Blog?

No, please ensure that you know there is no ‘the’, it’s simply Secret Wedding Blog.


Do you accept guest posts?

I used to accept guest posts when I first started the blog but unfortunately I no longer accept these as I write all the posts myself.

Do you accept sponsored posts?

If the product or service is something that is useful for fusion, interfaith and multicultural weddings, I will accept them. If not, I simply can’t promote it on the blog. To get more information on sponsored posts, email me on hello@secretweddingblog.com with the subject: SWB Sponsored Post.

Do you accept advertising?

Again, if you can provide a service or product to the multicultural wedding industry, I’d love to have you join the other SWB sponsors. Please email me on hello@secretweddingblog.com with the subject: SWB Advertising for banner sizes and prices. Or request a copy of my media pack.

Need to send me something?

Please email me asking for my address and explain who you are. I don’t want random people arriving at my door, thank you!


As you used to be a web developer, do you have any advice for my website?

I’m glad that you asked, I wrote a post on 10 tips for small business start ups that might come in handy. If there is any specific, please email me.

Can you help me with my website?

Unfortunately not. As I work full time, my spare time is dedicated to Secret Wedding Blog!

Who do you host your blog with?

I’ve dealt with a lot of hosting companies at work. Some are so helpful and some are just impossible to work with. I’ve recently made the switch to tsohost and have been so happy with their service. Emails and hosting are better and the customer service is so fast! If you would like to sign up or transfer to tsohost, I have a 10% off promo code. Simply use SWB10 at the checkout!

How did you create your directory?

I used a plugin called Business Directory plugin and the buttons were designed by Becky Lord. I have a techy background with a degree in Computing so I was able to customise it myself.


What does Interfaith wedding mean?

Interfaith is the reference of two peoples from different faiths coming together to form a union i.e. interfaith wedding, interfaith relationship. This could be a Jewish bride marrying a Christian groom.

What does Multicultural wedding mean?

Multicultural refers to several cultural or ethnic groups within a society. An example is a Chinese Indian wedding, no faiths involved, just the culture.

What does Fusion wedding mean?

A Fusion wedding is when the couple ‘fuses’ two or more cultures/faiths into their wedding. This could be incorporate two ceremonies into one wedding or taking elements from each individual’s culture.

I’m scared to tell my parents about my interfaith relationship. Please advise.

Don’t worry you’re in safe hands. I’ve been through the scary ordeal myself and I’ve blogged about telling my parents and grandparents about my interfaith relationship. I hope this helps.


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