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Arsh brought his Flash Mob Proposal to my attention and I simply had to showcase it on the blog. I love the thought and detail that went into this proposal - the dance routine that contained a choreographed dance with an addition of Bhangra ;) Read about his story of making it all happen… Scroll down for the video!

“We talked about getting engaged some time back but I did not want it to be just another regular moment. I wanted to do something different in order to make her feel special. Meanwhile, I also witnessed a flash mob in sector 17, Chandigarh which was focused on a more generic cause. Right there, the idea of mixing the flash mob with a wedding proposal tickled to my mind. The idea became more substantial when I watched few videos on Youtube related to this.

The biggest challenge was to do this “Flash Mob Wedding Proposal” in Chandigarh while I live & work in Noida.


So the first thing which I started was to work on the music part. I spent some good time to decide which songs I want to play during this flash mob. First I picked up the amazing Valentine Mashup by DJ Kiran Kamath (for that Hindi flavor), I then mixed (the famous) Macklemore Thrift Shop with (her favourite) JK & Tru-Skool – Jaddhu, later added a line from Diljit Dosanjhs- Mr Singh and finally ended it with the most apt song “Marry You by Bruno Mars”. I mixed all of these together and made a single 8 minutes track.


Then I started finding a dance crew in Chandigarh during the weekends and after multiple meetings with many dance academies and choreographers, I finally found few dancers who looked promising and enthusiastic about the flash mob wedding proposal idea.

I later contacted Elante Mall Management team and discussed about this event with them. It wasn’t easy and took around 3 weeks to convince them to get their approval.

Finding the DJ who would setup the speakers in the Mall and finding the bouncers who will provide the security to dancers (just in case) were the next steps.


The most critical part was to find a camera crew who would understand the concept. I found a nice camera crew who understood the concept. I briefed them about the recording angles and my other requirements. They did a great job in capturing the whole event. I took the content from the camera crew post the event and spent around 2 days editing the video.

The event was a complete success. She had no idea about all the planning and it looked like we were watching a regular dance performance until I joined the dance group. That’s when all her emotions came out. I could see tears in her eyes at one moment and at the other moment she couldn’t stop laughing. I could feel her shivering while I was putting the ring at the end of the performance. My sister also gave a fabulous performance along with me.  It all ended with 100 strangers congratulating us and a few people getting their pictures clicked with us.

It was our special unforgettable moment and a memory of a lifetime.




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  1. Mandeep kaur

    hey arsh congrats to both of u…i liked it alot…u know every gal has a dream dat her guy luvs her nd make her feel special…shes very lucky to have u…may u gt oll d happiness in ur lyf…wish u a very happy married life…once again congratulations to both of u :)


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