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Glowwbox – A Monthly Box of Goodies


During my teenage years I avoided make up. I never really felt the need to wear it and didn’t “want to become reliant on it’. Looking back at photographs – I wish I started wearing it sooner, it would have definitely hidden the teenage acne for all those years. It was only really when I turned 17 when I started to wear more make up and each year I would loosely experiment with different products. It wasn’t really essential to me, it was one of those I felt like you just had to do. Get up put some make up on and be done with it. Nights out were obviously different, by adding a pop of red lipstick and dark eyeliner – that will do. It was only in 2014 when I started falling in love with make up. Oh the possibilities and importance of looking after your skin. This was down to finding beauty tutorials on youtube – I learnt so much. Eager to apply this new knowledge I would experiment with a range of different products.


The problem I found was that I could never find the correct tone to match my skin colour. I’d say I’m a fair brown colour (check photo in sidebar) but often I’d end up with a foundation which was a complete different colour to my neck! As they say “The Struggle is Real”. I can still find myself in this situation, even when the beauty girl has helped me pick out ‘the right shade’! Which wasn’t so right when I apply it myself at home.


When I heard of Glowwbox – I was intrigued. A new beauty destination where you can discover new beauty products for your gorgeous darker skin and fabulous hair, delivered through a monthly beauty box. A box of goodies every month – erm yes please. Glowwbox research and source products that are suitable for women with darker skin. This stood out to me because of the struggle I’ve experienced with buying make up, especially high street make up. I like the fact that these products are hand picked and tested out and you won’t find anything like fan tan in the box! I think I would be slightly offended if I did haha.

Natural Kajal Violet

With my new goodies, I couldn’t wait to try them out. I began with the the natural kajal violet pencil. I always stick to wearing black on my eyes because I’m definitely not experienced enough to embrace colour on my eyes or eyelids. This pencil allowed me to go as light or dark as I wanted with the colour. Clearly, I went dark by applying the pencil over my bottom lashes to ensure it looks dark and stays on.


Since April last year, I’ve been obsessed with lipsticks. I wear them everyday for work and pleasure – red and pink shades I adore and can’t get enough of them. Really pale shades aren’t for me, I love to have some colour otherwise I feel like my face has no colour! Weird, but it’s how I feel. With applying lipsticks to my lips daily, I have to ensure I keep my lips nourished, I mean how horrible are dry chapped lips? Especially in the winter, as I write this. Every night before I sleep, I apply a lip balm, chap stick, vaseline, anything to keep my lips moisturised throughout the night so I wake up with soft healthy lips.  I used the Balm Balm fragrance free lip balm on my lips. I tend to prefer fragranced or scented lip balms as opposed to fragrance free but this was definitely really soft on my lips. Although it’s called a lip balm it also multi-tasks and can be used on your hands, nails and cuticles.

Balm Balm

I would definitely recommend Glowwbox for other ladies. Trying beauty products is always a case of trial and error, some brands are great for one person but the other person may not agree. This is why having a monthly box of goodies allows you to try them out and see which ones you get on.


The best part of this is that you lovely readers can get £13 off your first box with code SECRETW – enjoy!

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