Infographic: Hen party traditions of the world


With the range of multicultural weddings on this blog, you can imagine that there are number of varied traditions of each culture that you may not be familiar with. Which is why this infographic is provided by The Fitzgerald’s Woodlands House Hotel & Spa displays the hen party traditions of the world.


The tradition in some parts of Scotland is to give the bride to be a hard time before the big day by ‘blackening’ her face with sauces, feathers and all sorts of good then dragging her around town.


In Argentina, as a way of announcing that you are about to get married, the bride gets driven around town naked.


In parts of germany, the bride gets kidnapped while the people smash lots of plates.


In central China, there is a crying tradition in which the bride begins to cry, then mum joins in, then the granny gets in on the act. Even aunts and sisters are known to shed a few tears - this can go on for weeks.


In Mauritania, the bigger the bride, the better - the bride is ‘fattened’ up by force feeding.


In parts of India, a mehndi party takes place. This is a tradition that involved the bride having henna applied to her hands and feet {not as extreme as the image on in the infographic but similiar} - these designs can last for weeks.


It is all about organising a hen party.

Revas Spa Infographic - Hen Party Traditions of the World

Infographic supplied by  The Fitzgerald’s Woodlands House Hotel & Spa

What do you think of these traditions?
Are you familiar with them based on where you are from?
Are they still true or are they now different?

Let us know your comments!

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