Interfaith Wedding

Interfaith Marriage: Polarised faiths

Interfaith Marriage - Polarised Faiths

Sometimes faiths seem to be concerned with being different and keeping separate. But interfaith marriages are not like that.
Even if one of you converts to the faith of the other, you have connections to both sides. Yet you cannot please everyone. Your religion, your partner’s religion, your community, your partner’s community, your partner and yourself – you cannot possibly satisfy all. Your connection to faith and community is bound to be affected by the fact that your closest relationship is with someone who doesn’t belong, and who isn’t the same.

At a time when many people feel it is important to identify clearly with faith and community you may feel pressure to declare which side you are on, especially if you need to prove that loving someone of a different faith hasn’t made you desert your own. Balancing conflicting claims of relationship and identity is never easy. In aiding you to reconcile these claims, it can be a great help to access places and people where both your identity and your relationship are accepted – or even celebrated.

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