Interfaith Wedding

Interfaith Marriages Explained

Interfaith marriages explained

Interfaith marriages, often called mixed marriages, can be defined as a marriage between partners from different religions*. An example is the marriage between a Sikh bride and a Christian groom where they both remain faithful to their religions; neither partner converts to the other religion. These types of marriages are becoming more and more popular but there are still many issues that come with these relationships. For instance some religions allow all types of interfaith marriages but some strongly oppose it due to the fear of the religion being lost down the line. Resulting in either partners converting to marry or turning their back on their religions altogether. I will be diving deeper into these options in further blog posts, so keep an eye out for that.

So why are interfaith relationships so popular now? Two aspects – globalisation and the rise of secularisation.* Okay let me simplify this. School, university and work nowadays have allowed many young people to grow up with neighbours from different cultures and faiths. They also travel a lot more exploring the world and discovering all types of cultures, more than their parents ever did. This is the globalisation angle of the change.

On the other hand we have secularisation which is the transformation of a society so it is no longer under the control or influence of religion. Thus, individuals may be less involved with their religion and actually start to question the rules and teachings of their religion. Why do I have to wear this? Why can’t I cut my hair? Why can we not drink alcohol? Questions like these are just the minor examples of why young people start to question their religion. 

However this not just based to around young people. All types of people from different backgrounds and ages are starting to embrace interfaith marriages.** I’ve come to know some people who have had an arranged marriage to someone of their own religion, that not work out and they marry outside of their faith. This is what happened to Dr Freedom, now with his interfaith marriage, he performs interfaith Sikh weddings with his new wife.

In today’s society, many people find their partner based on a lot of aspects, personality, kindness, sense of humour, attraction and many more of course. Then the religion side to it comes after for some interfaith relationships. Some people may find that being with someone outside of their faith can seem more attractive. On the contrary some who marry out of their religion can feel ostracised from their community.

I will be diving into each section and area of interfaith relationships and interfaith marriages deeper on the blog. You know I’m all for any and every type of wedding. In the meantime, you can add to this introduction in a positive light (there are no judgements on SWB) Leave your comments below.



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