Introducing the new Secret Wedding Blog directory

I am excited to now have a directory on the blog. It’s fair enough having wonderful vendors and suppliers being featured on the blog but in a few months time, readers will have to scroll through previous posts to find the article again. Which isn’t the best way to showcase their work.

Having the directory, allows readers to click on the new beautifully designed buttons by Becky Lord, into whatever category they are searching for.
It will be updated firstly with the businesses that have been featured on Secret Wedding Blog and then other vendors who wish to be featured. It will be continuously populated, so if some categories are empty now, they will be added to later on.

If you want to be featured then please get in touch via [email protected]. The aim is to highlight vendors that can provide for weddings of all cultures as this is a very multicultural blog.

Please click on a category within the directory to get started.


There will also be some big changes to the Secret Wedding Shop as stock is nearly sold out, and a more improved shop will be opening. So watch this space!



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