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It’s the most wonderful time of the year – wedding season!

Anthropologie red dress

Not Christmas, it’s wedding season baby! I love the start of wedding season, the spring starts to bring warmer weather, the flowers begin to blossom and two people are about to make a commitment to each other. I know my cousins who live in the ‘community’ are invited to peoples weddings every weekend, so they dread wedding season. I’m the opposite. I have to love it right…seeing as I do blog about weddings? 

I have 2 weddings this year to attend so far this year, one in beautiful Berkshire, my new home county and the other one in sunny Sorrento, Italy. I’m rather excited as you can probably tell. Already I’ve begun thinking about what to wear. I’ll need two outfits, one for cooler weather and the other for a very hot and humid day. When searching for wedding wear, I love it but can also find it slightly daunting. The pressures of what to wear. What’s appropriate? What isn’t appropriate? As the time draws nearer to the wedding, you can begin panic buying and not end up with an outfit you love.

This is why your wedding season shopping needs to start early*. Get some ideas of what you want in mind so you’re not starting from scratch and you know what you’re after. I’ve been browsing through Anthropologie’s new occasion wear and have found some beautiful pieces that I’m going to share with you.

*I definitely started writing this post before wedding season began

Anthropologie Red dress

Hello you red and pink lovely dress, you. I remember when I was in school, I had a red coat which I adored and a thick pink scarf. I wasn’t sure if they suited each other because I hadn’t been used to wearing these colours together. It was winter so I wore it anyway. Looking back now, I could have been a trend setter? Ha just joking. But these colours are so pretty together, it instantly reminds me of valentines. Ladies if your partner is wearing a tie or a bow tie, he or she can match your dress with either the pink or red.

Anthropologie red dress

I felt so pretty wearing this Parissa red and pink block dress, I love the fit and the fact that it has pockets. You can’t tell how much stuff I’m hiding in my pockets in the photos – keys, phone, lipstick, all the essentials of course. It has a gorgeous cross back which you can see here.

Lately, I’ve been loving gold and rose gold which is why I selected this royal gold bag. It’s adorable and sold out at the moment! Notice the popularity, I’ll link to it when it comes back in stock.

Anthropologie red dress Anthropologie red dress Anthropologie red dress Anthropologie red dress

I paired the dress with these beautiful dainty Wisteria Climber earrings. Whether you’re attending an Chinese wedding, Indian wedding or any other type of wedding, these Wisteria Climber earrings are the perfect accessory for your outfit. They can be combined with lenghas, sarees, a cheongsam and any type of dress to complete your outfit.

Anthropologie red dress Anthropologie red dress

While I didn’t wear these Emiliana suede shoes with the dress, I adore them for two main reasons. One – look how unique they are, they’re dressed in a variety of colours and the block heel stands out for sure. Secondly, they’re extremely comfortable. I’m always one for comfort, especially when it comes to feet. I know that I can rely on wearing these with a little black or white dress and they would look amazing and I wouldn’t have bleeding blisters by the end of the night.

Anthropologie red dress Anthropologie red dress Anthropologie red dress Anthropologie red dress Anthropologie red dress

I hope this post has given you some wedding season fashion inspiration, check out Anthropologie Occasion wear for more pieces to choose from.

Photography by the lovely Annabel Farley


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