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Khush Magazine

Khush Magazine

I was more than pleased when I was sent a copy of Khush magazine to review on Secret Wedding Blog. I had it for a while but didn’t have the time to get round to reading it properly. Seeing as they wanted my thoughts, the least I could do was to give it my full attention. Khush magazine was launched in April 2013 and is one of the fastest growing magazines in their sector reaching over 175,000 readers nationwide and counting!

I love flicking through magazines, not just wedding, but home, fashion, beauty, web design and more. I find that there’s always something interesting that stays with you. Whether it’s an article, a beautiful advertisement, advice or something you simply adore. What I first noticed about Khush magazine is how heavy it is! Priced at £3.95 isn’t bad for the content you are receiving.

The magazine is filled with so many beautiful advertisements. These in themselves can give you ideas and inspiration for your own wedding from hair and make up, to jewellery, to photographers, fashion and more. A positive I thought was that they were not all based in one area i.e. London. They featured suppliers from all over the country which is obviously useful for the brides and grooms to be to find suppliers local to them.

Khush Wedding Fashion trends

While I was reading it on my lunch break, I was really engrossed in the topics. So much so, that I was so excited to start planning my own wedding! It gave me so many ideas, motivation and inspiration of what I can start planning. The diversity of make up artists and their own style stood out to me. It was great to see a variety of make up artists, not just the same style, so you can see what type of make up you prefer.

One of the highlights from this magazine was reading about two incredible photographers: J Dhillon and Didar Virdi’s weddings! Usually seen on the other side of the camera, it was an enjoyable feature reading about who they hired for their photography and why.

J Dhillon WeddingDidar Virdi Wedding

It’s always exciting to see your friend’s work in a magazine. Lali Creations henna provides such talent, read my interview with Lata hereCamera ready, lali creations

While I know Khush is an Asian wedding magazine, I would personally love to see some multicultural weddings or topics being featured. I understand that this is a route that may displease some, please some or not bother some readers. However, I find that there are more and more multicultural/fusion/interfaith weddings happening and it would be great to see them in a magazine; not just wedding blogs.

As I’m just a wedding blogger, and not a bride to be, I’m handing it over to you guys now. Are you a bride or groom to be? Do you find magazines such as Khush, useful for your wedding planning? Let me know your thoughts below.




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