March Gratitude List


I thought of this idea randomly today because I was feeling ever so grateful for things in my life. So I thought that I would write down one thing I’m grateful for everyday and I encourage you to leave comments telling me what you’re grateful for!

March 2014 - I’m so grateful for…

  • 1st - Saturday mornings so I can have a lie in!

  • 2nd - A cooked breakfast on a Sunday morning
  • 3rd - My warm faux fur coat on a frosty Monday morning
  • 4th - The 5 minute distance from work to the gym

  • 5th - The sun shining, meaning spring is arriving!

  • 6th - Grateful for my supportive mum

  • 7th - That Friday feeling, knowing you have two whole days off after 5pm!
  • 8th - My amazing eggs royale lunch with the girls

  • 9th - The gorgeous sunny warm weather which means people are outside smiling.
  • 10th - Electricity - after experiencing a power cut at work today!
  • 11th - My cute little car that gets me about, took me so long to pass my driving test that I’m grateful for having my very own car everyday!

  • 12th - My lovely reliable boots that I wear to work

  • 13th - my new iPad and Sherlock Holmes cover

  • 14th - my determination that allows me to work a full time job while putting a lot of hard work into improving and growing the blog
  • 15th - Saturdays! A day off, this will always be appreciated!
  • 16th - This guy, right here.

  • 17th - Such a simple thing. I’m grateful for having clean running water because I drink it so much. Everyday when I brush my teeth in the mornings, I turn on the tap and smile for a second because I’m so lucky to have and appreciate clean running water!
  • 18th - my not so baby brother Nicky. I encouraged him to take catering for one of his GSCEs and now he’s top of the class! He is also a better cook than me, I love him so.

  • 19th - my mummy Ji’s (grandma’s) cooking. Drove all the way to Coventry to pick up my Daddy Ji (grandad) and her cooking was definitely worthwhile!
  • 20th - my bosses taken us all out for a lovely lunch when it’s someone’s birthday at work.
  • 21st - today is the day of my dear cousin Bobby who passed away last year. Today I have felt the pain and love from everyone who knew Bobby and how amazing he was. I am grateful for Bobby Dorka everyday.

  • 22nd - to be included in my friend’s children’s first birthday parties, feeling very broody indeed. Happy birthday Eden! Love you Lyra!

  • 23rd - delicious Nandos - one of my favourite places to eat.
  • 24th - a salmon and cream cheese sandwich from M&S, I know these are very food related! Never been so excited for a sandwich in my life.
  • 25th - my beautiful vintage styled bike

  • 26th - simple thing as getting picked up from work
  • 27th - my brother making marble cupcakes!
  • 28th - birthday meals out
  • 29th - religious events that allow me to catch up with family
  • 30th - my uncle! There are no words for how important a bond between me and my uncle is to me. He goes above and beyond to do anything for his nieces and nephews as well as his own children. I love you Mama Ji.
  • 31st - and finally I am grateful to the SWB audience who have supported me through this journey!

I hope you enjoyed my daily list of what I have been grateful for in the month of March. I think it’s such a fun thing to do, as it ensures you are grounded and appreciate the little things in life. I always definitely encourage you to start one and share with me what you are grateful for. I will be making another list soon so watch out for that!

2 Comments March Gratitude List

  1. Jessica van Dop DeJesus

    Love it! I am also a big fan a gratitude work. It’s a great way to see the bigger picture even when they day doesn’t look perfect.

    1. secretweddingblog

      Aww thanks Jessica, great to know we’re both on the same wave length!
      Hope you’re having fun planning the second wedding, so exciting :-)


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