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Meet the bride who had to postpone her wedding twice!

Stacey Hall

Today I have special story of Stacey and her finace and why they had to postpone their wedding for the second time.

Stacey tells SWB that she and her partner were meant to get married on 1st June 2013. However in November 2012, she fell ill. She thought she had really bad flu which made her collapse at work. She was taken to hospital where they carried out tests and the results showed that she was 8 weeks pregnant! They were sent for a scan which revealed she was actually 13 weeks + 1 day so they decided to move the wedding as she was due on the 19th June 2013. This was an obvious decision for the couple, aside from not being able to fit into her dream dress which she already purchased! Their baby girl – Lexi May – arrived on the 18th June 2013 at 7lbs – look how adorable she is!

Stacey Hall's daughter

Wedding – Take two

The decision to postpone the wedding was final and they decided to move it on the 26th October 2013. Luckily they hadn’t made too many arrangements as a week before the wedding, they received some devastating news. Stacey’s partner’s cousin was involved in an accident where he sadly lost his life. This gave the pair a very tough decision, they were torn between carrying on and going through with the wedding or postponing it. However, they rang the vicar straight away and informed him of the situation, to which he was really understanding and provided them with as much time and they needed. Next, they rang the florists, the suit hire, the decor suppliers and they had all agreed to rearrange to 22nd February 2014.

Fingers crossed it all goes well and that they can finally tie the knot!



I asked Stacey what advice she would give to other brides to be in the same situation. She has a very positive attitude and replied – “I would advise other brides not to be upset by the situation, everything happens for a reason, you may not see it now, but what will happen will happen.”

I definitely agree with this, you can’t plan what might arise before your wedding day. Your wedding may turn out even better than you expected! This brings us to the argument of do you carry out wedding insurance or do you risk it? Luckily for Stacey and her partner, they only lost about £100 when postponing their wedding. I want to know what you would do if you’re in the same situation or have had a similar experience?



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