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National Flower Crown Day with Rosdior

Rosadior - National Flower Crown Day

Flower Crowns. You will have noticed their popularity in the past couple of years and you’re probably not surprised. Why? Because they are effortless and just stunning!

Okay so I’m definitely biased because I absolutely adore a flower crown – I love flowers in every form, and this is no different. Flower crowns act as an effortless accessory which is perfect for the boho brides and the brides who want an effortless look for their wedding day. Flower crowns give a natural authentic to the accessories making them ideal for woodland, outdoor type weddings. It means brides can use flower crowns as a statement headpiece without having to worry about jewellery.

To celebrate National Flower Crown Day (Yeah that’s a thing!) I have a gorgeous lifestyle shoot from Rosadior.

Rosadior - National Flower Crown Day

Founded in 2014, Rosadior is Samantha’s latest creative venture and true passion; creating realistic faux flower accessories for pin up girls, burlesque belles, boho brides and flower loving fashionistas alike. I asked her a few questions to get to know her better – enjoy!

Who is Sam and what is Rosadior?

I am a creative, who loves food, flowers and fairy cake, washed down with good ole builders tea…and prosecco at the weekend!

I’m a busy mum of two, once adorable baby boys, who are now tall handsome (11 and 14 year olds) and a wife to a hardworking, kind and gentle man and we all live happily in a small village in Surrey.

Rosadior is my other baby, who like my children, I am proud to say, is growing a little bit more everyday. I design and hand make one-of-a-kind, bespoke floral hair and fashion accessories, using faux silk flowers and vintage finds.

Rosadior - National Flower Crown Day

How did you get started?

I used to own a vintage pop up photo booth and made fun oversized floral crowns for people to wear as props. People began to ask me to make them crowns for parties and festivals and eventually I was busier making crowns and floral hair accessories, than I was hiring out my photobooth, so I stopped running the photobooth company and set up Rosadior.

Rosadior - National Flower Crown Day

What inspires your designs?

Everything and anything! I especially love the prettiness of the 40’s and 50’s, but equally the boldness and colours of the 60’s and the simplicity and symmetry of the 20’s and 30’s. But when I make bespoke pieces to order, then my customer is my inspiration.

What are your favourite flowers and why?

It would be easy to say I haven’t got a favourite, I love all flowers (which I do, although I’m not a fan of carnations!). But, my favourites will always be the good old English rose and hydrangea!

Rosadior - National Flower Crown Day

What floral accessories would you recommend for brides having a fusion wedding?

English roses, orange blossom, camellia and jasmine – pretty, bright and beautiful!

Rosadior - National Flower Crown Day

Any tips/advice when buying bespoke pieces?

I have so many! Always take a photo of the dress or garment you’d like me to create a matching piece for, in daylight. Flashes can be harsh and distort the colour!

Better still, I’ve had brides send me colour swatch cards from DIY/ paint shops which match theirs or their bridesmaid dresses perfectly (it’s free to do too! Shhh!).

Tell me about your favourite flower, dress designer and inspiration – if I know what you like or dislike, it means I’ll be able to understand exactly what you would love me to make for you!

Think about how you would like your piece to be worn. Do you want a flower crown or a hair piece? If the latter, is this on a headband, a metal clip, 2 sturdy clips side by side, plastic or metal combs, elastic under hair straps or simple ribbon ties? Also consider which side of your head you’d like to wear your pretty piece on!

Your hair type can also influence the piece that I will create – it might sound strange, but letting me know your hair type is really important! For example hair pieces made for soft and fine hair needs to be not too heavy to ensure it stays put, whilst those made with thicker hair in mind, need to be sturdy and strong!

Finally – I tell all of my customers not to be shy! I’d rather create a hair piece that you absolutely love and will wear again and again, over years to come, so do tell me what you like and any ideas you have, even as the piece develops.

Rosadior - National Flower Crown Day

What’s the future look like for Rosadior?

Flower crowns have been worn since ancient times and I’m sure will continue to be worn by men and women all over the word for centuries to come. So I am confident there will always be someone who would like to own a forever lasting flower crown! Answering your question in a word; FLORAL!

Rosadior - National Flower Crown Day

How are you celebrating National Flower Crown Day?

I will be spending it visiting my dearest hubby in hospital where he has been for the past couple of week, so I shall wear one of my creations with pride waltzing through the hospital corridors! I will take one in for him to wear too. That will cheer him up!

I’m also pleased to release a few images from our recent flower crown shoot, with fabulous Surrey photographer;JaneyAnna Photography – I’m hoping to spread a little flower crown love, on one of the best national days, which marks the last official day of summer! Let’s send it out in style.

Rosadior - National Flower Crown Day

A portrait of founder, Sam, wearing one of her creations below!

Sam Rosadior


Hairpieces: Rosadior
Photography: JaneyAnna Photography
Model: Brooke Nichols
Hair: Mark Lewis
Makeup: Viktoria Kohl
Dress: Real Green Dress


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