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A British Asian Fusion Luxe Shoot


Since launching the blog wayyyy back in 2014, I’ve seen the wedding industry grow. It’s starting to get more diverse and I’m seeing more fusion and multicultural weddings being featured. I’m hoping in the future this blog doesn’t have to exist so multicultural, fusion and interfaith weddings become the norm. Today I have a British Asian Fusion luxe  shoot on the blog, put together by Sharn (a fellow wedding blogger) and wedding planner, from Desi Bride Dreams. Over to Sharn: Continue Reading

Raj's Wedding Venues

Picking the Venue: The Granary Estates

The Granary Estates - Ana Ames Photography

Whose the keeno who wanted to get her wedding venue booked right away? Yep that’s me. I mean are you really surprised? This wedding has been secretly being planned in my mind for years and when I got engaged everything changed. My best friend told me this right after she got engaged and it’s true. I always imagined having a big fat Indian wedding but I couldn’t be more wrong… Continue Reading

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A Multicultural Muslim wedding in Manchester

A Multicultural Muslim Wedding in Manchester

Today I have the wedding of Cala and Sohail, they are both from Greater Manchester and first met at work. Sohail is Muslim, and Cala is a Muslim convert, she was a Christian. The proposal was a romantic, afternoon tea overlooking Lake windermere at the Fabulous Holbeck Ghyll in the Lakedistrict. The waiter brought Cala’s ring on a tray with rose petals and chocolates. What more could a woman ask for? Diamonds and chocolates together!
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Sikh Wedding

Sikh-Punjabi Weddings Explained Part 3

Sikh Punjabi weddings - anand karaj

We’ve come to the end of this Sikh-Punjabi weddings series with the final part – the Anand Karaj. You can catch up with the first post here and the second post here.

The Wedding Day

Sikh Weddings take place in a Gurudwara, with the couple taking four rounds of the Sikh scripture, Guru Granth Sahib Ji. Upon the fourth round, their blessed union is complete. But some cultural practices are still observed in the faith-based ceremony. Continue Reading