Love, Honour and Be True makeup

I am definitely not a beauty blogger, and very far from it. However, as a wedding blogger, if products will be useful to brides or the wedding party, I want to be able to share them. So I want to share with you a beautiful new lipstick collection, as I was grateful enough to get an opportunity to test them out. I went for the darkest red - (Love Story) because I love red lips! What stood out to me the most was the moisturising factor of the lipstick, usually my lips can get quite dry with lipstick but my lips are getting the best of both worlds right now! Continue reading

Why meeting likeminded people is improving my blog

On Friday I attended the UK blog awards 2014 with my sisters for a fun filled night, I was grateful to be shortlisted as one of the top 10 bloggers in the UK in my category out of over 900 entrants!  It was so great to see so many bloggers under one roof from a variety of industries. Talking about topics I had never considered before definitely opened my eyes to other specific types of blogs out there. For example I met with Steven the owner of Urban Kulter Blog which is a fab Arts and Culture blog! Continue reading

Finding the perfect wedding dress for your body

I came across this infographic and really wanted to share it with you all. I think it is great for finding out what dress is perfect for your body type. I wasn’t aware of what suits what so I hope you may find it useful too. It shows you the silhouette for your body and even the perfect neckline, waistline, sleeve style, back and the length of the train! Enjoy! Continue reading

Sunita and Ricky’s wedding

I have been wanting to blog about this wedding for a while, I mentioned it briefly on another post which focused on - The Roundhouse Derby but wanted to share the lovely photography too. In case you haven’t read the previous post, Sunita and I have known each other since we were kids as our families have known each other for years. I genuinely thought Sunita and Ricky’s wedding was the best Indian wedding I’ve attended in the UK. They had planned and put thought into every little detail and made us all feel so welcome. Bhavna Barratt captured their wedding so beautifully and she is definitely one of my favourite wedding photographers! Continue reading