Picking your bridesmaids


Beth Brand tells us how she picked her bridesmaids

I had no idea who my bridesmaids would be. I always knew my Maid of Honour would be Sian, she has been my best friend since the moment I met her, and I initially only wanted two bridesmaids.

The other one at that point was Hannah whose always been a great friend. Then when it came to dress shopping my adopted big sister Bec came to the first appointment with me and without even planning it I just asked her then and there, it just felt right.

The fourth bridesmaid didn’t come about for another couple of weeks. I had been feeling this strange guilt ever since I got engaged that I hadn’t asked Liz to be bridesmaid (I don’t know why I hadn’t asked her at this point, I think its because I always liked the idea of less is more) but eventually I gave into my gut instinct and asked her too and it was then perfect.

My four best, most loyal and longest lasting good friends had been picked.

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