The rise of pink Asian bridal wear


Traditionally for a South Asian Indian bride, they always wore red. A red suit, lengha or saree. It’s just the same as non-asian brides wearing white on their big day. However, in this modern era, there has been a rise of pink asian bridal wear. A number of brides are now opting to wear lovely pink garments on their wedding day, putting a modern twist on wedding traditions. Some brides wear pink for the whole day or they change into another outfit for the reception. Below, I have rounded up a number of beautiful brides wearing pink on their big day.

sikh brideThis Sikh bride wore a lovely bright pink lengha on her wedding day - view more of their wedding heresunita and ricky thank youSunita changed into a luxurious pink lengha for her evening reception - Sunita and Ricky’s wedding
Simram and Chris' Sikh destination weddingFor Simram’s, destination wedding - she wore a fuschia pink lengha which can be seen in her wedding video -Simram and Chris’ weddingWelsh Asian Multicultural Wedding PhotographyThis bride had a lovely dark pink lengha for her big day - a welsh multicultural wedding
Purple Sikh WeddingThis Sikh bride’s suit matched her groom’s pagh (turban) - Dave Abreu photographymulticoloured lenghaThis bride’s outfit is a blend of colours - Hong Photographypink back lenghaThe back of this lengha is gorgeous - sourcechristian sikh weddingMy cousin Sandeep opted for a pink and lilac lengha for her wedding reception - view more photos from her wedding day herepink lenghaThe chuni on this lengha is so incredibly long and and beautiful.
hot pink lenghaA beautiful hot pink lengha from Asian Queen BoutiquePavi and Mandesh JohalPavi’s light pink lengha is so gorgeous entirely covered in silver embroideryPink wedding lenghaThis bride changed into a hot pink lengha for her reception - photography by James Thomas Long
pink green and goldWhat a pose and love the long chuni and the green and gold detail on this wedding lengha - photography by Tab McCausland


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